Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Where In The World is Candid Karina?

My oh my how the summer is flying by! I had signed up for Fun Monday...but Monday came and went and I missed it. No, not Monday...I didn't miss Monday, just Fun Monday.

And here we are on Wedesday and not a post to be seen from me...where does the time go? Where have I been?

Well folks, I've been living it up, let me tell you. All kinds of exciting stuff going on in my side of the world. Really.

Oh, what? Sarcasm doesn't come across that well in the written word? No, really, very exciting stuff.

Friday night I went out with some coworkers from the new job for happy hour. Had a great time and am feeling like part of the team now for sure. I do believe I am going to like this job.

Saturday we had a car wash with our youth group at the church. A full day outside in 90 plus temps with 100% humidity. Good thing we had plenty of water to keep soaking ourselves with. Everyone had a blast and we raised a lot of money...good time had by all.

Sunday we hosted a cook-out/pool party for the youth at my parents' house. Once again, a good time had by all...even if it was mostly us the "adults" doing whirlpools in the pool. What? You're only as old as you act, right?

So, there you have it, all the reasons I've been MIA...just simply enjoying summer.

There are some new posts coming up tonight at Cafe Karina and on Friday at Creative I have a little something up my sleeve for this here blog as well...I'm thinking (but not promissing) that we'll have a new post tomorrow as well.

Have a great HUMP DAY!!!

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Wicked H said...

Good times indeed.