Thursday, September 02, 2010

Writer's Workshop - #1 - Open Letter

This is my first time joining in on Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop, but I'm excited, so I'm just going to jump right in.

For more information on the Writer's Workshop, click the link above but basically, Mama Kat gives us a handful of "writing prompts" to pick from, and we write, and link up on her blog on Thursdays.

This week, I chose the following prompt: Open Letter To A Celebrity

If you know me at all, you knew this was a prompt I am physically unable to resist.

I could go with the obvious this week, and write a letter to Lindsay Lohan, newly out of rehab, or Paris Hilton, quickly on her way in. Or I could write a letter to Bristol Palin, informing her of all the ways she is NOT a "Star". (In case you missed it, she's going to be on this season's "Dancing With The Stars"). Or, I could write Kat Von Dee about all the ways her new "relationship" with Jesse James is gross and not even the slightest bit surprising. Or I could write a letter to Kate, no, I really really couldn't. EVER.

But I'm not going to write any of those...this week.

This week, I'm going to write my letter to Tiger Woods. Yep, I'm going there.

Dear Tiger,

Nobody, and I mean, NOBODY, has any respect left for you.


Candid K


gaelikaa said...

Short, sweet and to the point! I love it! But we have to have some compassion for the guy, he's paid a very public price for his errors!

I did this workshop too.

gaelikaa said...

P.S. love your blog and will be back.

Swati said...

Unique way of handling the prompt.

Thanks for sharing!

Swati said...
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