Sunday, April 01, 2007

18 in 30 - April Fool's

Wow, it's April! How did it get here so soon? It's amazing how, as we get older, time just goes by quicker and quicker. I remember as a kid, we'd count down the days to events, to spring vacation, to summer vacation, to Christmas...but blink, and whoomp, there it is. (groan, I really just did that, didn't I?)

Ah, but it's Spring. Last night I went into Boston with some friends. Walking around the city, crowds of people milling around in short sleeves, enjoying the nice weather...I love when Spring shows up.

Today I didn't do much, ran some errands, did some shopping, enjoyed the nice weather again. They're saying it'll rain all next week, so we had to take advantage, didn't we?

And what of April Fool's day? Another sign of getting older, I think. There used to be a time when not a single April 1st could go by without a few really nasty jokes being played. I was always afraid to talk to my brother, because he'd always get me. This year...well, I think we all even forgot all about it. I did manage to play a joke on my dad toward the end of the day (and it was actually a pretty good one),'s just not the same anymore. Bummer!

Oh well...another month begun...let's make the most of it!


Anonymous said...

I came across your blog by accident looking for places to stay in Boston. I'm heading up there (from Philly) this week with my gal (she's never been) and I'm looking for advice on places to stay. I'm thinking about booking a hotel along the harbor. Maybe even the Boston Harbor Hotel ( Never really hung out in this part of town, usually Little Italy or by Fenway Park. Any suggestions???

Karina said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by the blog. Unfortunately, I can't be much help about where to stay, I live to close to stay in the hotels and know them. As far as things to do, the BHH is right by the Aquarium, and not far from Downtown, Faneuill Hall, and even the North End...besides, everything in Boston is either walking distance, or pretty convenient via the T (that's the subway).

Enjoy your stay.