Saturday, March 31, 2007

17 in 30 - Bra Shopping

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So, not to get into an indepth discussion about my breasts, but for those who don't know...I'm definitely well beyond what you would call "busty". I am also a petite person, at 5'2". I could stand to lose some weight, but am not exactly a large this leads to some interesting challenges when it comes to purchasing bras. See, they don't carry my size at Victoria's Secret. In fact, they don't carry my size at most department stores, discount stores, boutiques, whatever you want to call them. Up until today I had exactly TWO stores I could purchase bras at: Frederick's and Lady Grace.

About a week ago, one of my friends, who is also a member of the over DD club, heard something on the radio about a boutique that caters to all sizes of women in the undergarment department. Well, of course we had to check it out.

We went this morning. The name of the shop is "Night and Day Lingerie", and I'll tell you that right off the bat I was impressed by the customer service. They were happy to help, but not "all over us", and let us wander around and peruse the store. When we had a question, there was someone around to answer it, but they didn't hover. When we were ready for our fittings (and gasp, to be "measured") they were extremely helpful and very friendly. This sounds like a commercial, but I really was impressed by the service.

Anyway, long story short, I was measured...and learned what I feared, which was that yes, I had gone up YET ANOTHER cup size (this may sound like a dream come true for some, it is NOT a good thing for me...ENOUGH ALREADY!!!) and was also told that I was "tiny" when it came to my "band" size. That felt great to hear, let me tell least something about me is tiny! But of course, that is also what makes it so hard to find any bras in my size.

My assistant for the day was extremely helpful in bringing out several different styles for me to try on, and after trying on about 10 different bras, I settled on one to purchase today, and another to order in a different color, and purchase at a later date. Something else to note about bra shopping in the larger sizes...there is on such thing as a $10 bra...I bought a cheap one at $34..the one I ordered was $54...yep, not kidding. I even tried one on for $76...yikes!

So, the good news? I've found a new place to shop for bras. The bad news? I'll have to apply for a personal loan to replace all the ones I own in my now too small size! The even worse news? Now not even Frederick's carries my new size...I'm down to this boutique, and Lady Grace (and they don't carry that many in store, you have to order them, which is a pain if you need one in a hurry).

Well, I just figured I'd share my adventures in bra shopping, for those of you who may THINK you'd like bigger's not always a blessing. Don't get me wrong, I realize that women pay thousands of dollars for what I've just been uh...lucky (HAH) enough to acquire via weight gain over the years, but see, when I lose weight, I don't lose it there, so maybe a few cup sizes ago, I was even DAMN proud of them...but jeez...enough this rate, I'll be a prime candidate for a reduction surgery in a few years...and I'd really rather NOT have to go through that!

What I wouldn't give some days to just be able to button a shirt all the way up and not have to wear a tank underneath EVERYTHING! sigh...

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