Thursday, September 11, 2008

Still Remember

Seven Years. SEVEN YEARS. And still, the numbers 9/11 bring pause to most of us. Again the conversations can be heard here and there "Do you remember where you were when it happened?" "I can't believe it's been seven years" "When will the memorial be finished?" So many questions, so many emotions, and still, it doesn't make sense. I don't think it ever will.

I'm taking a moment today (or two or three) to send out a prayer to the universe that we somehow learn to live in peace with one another. To pray for the souls of those lost that day, and for the families they left behind. To pray for change, for love, for forgiveness.

And as it seems to be tradition, I wrote this poem the week it all happened seven years ago, and post it here again today.

Tuesday Morning

When I awoke
the sun was shining
I could smell the ocean breeze
the birds singing
the world was grand
I started my day with ease

Then the phone rang
"turn on the tv
You won't believe your eyes"
And then I saw it
the second impact
terror coming from he skies

"What's going on?"
I asked dumbfounded
"Is the world falling apart?"
As time progressed
I learned much more
The knowledge broke my heart

"Oh my God
There it goes"
Someone said to the crowd
And as it fell
our hopes crumbled
the country sighed out loud

How could this be?
Here , in America?
We're not supposed to cry
On a Tuesday morning
for no good reason?
People aren't supposed to die

But things have changed
The world is different
We'll never again be the same
But how we stand proud
The United States
Much more than just a name

My heart still broken
My eyes, still moist
I still can't make much sense
But I've seen the focus
such prayer, such unity
The world's love so intense

They shook foundations
They collapsed buildings
They took human lives that day
But we won't be rattled
Won't be destroyed
God Bless the USA

Copyright 2007 - Karina

I sure hope as a nation we can come together and rebuild the pride and unity we showed on those weeks following the attacks. This country has suffered in so many ways in recent years, but we can still come together and prove there's a reason they call it the "American Dream".

Okay, that's it, I'm done, that's about as political as I'm getting on here today.


PBNJM said...

Ok, you gotta stop making me cry!! Specially so early in the morning.

Julia Phillips Smith said...

The title of your poem and the first stanza are the most powerful to me. 'Tuesday Morning' - because you could be describing any day - but you're not.

9/11 has been in my thoughts all week.