Wednesday, April 21, 2010

If I Had a Boyfriend - Everyone Needs a Workout Buddy

I had a strange dream the other night.

Strange, not because there were creepy creatures of freakish activities like flying over a purple river in a hybrid of a motorcycle and a Pegasus (What? Like you’ve never had that dream?)

No, it was strange mostly because of how ordinary it was. And also, not.

I dreamt I was running, which, in and of itself, is a strange phenomenon. Because I? Am so NOT a runner. Well, at least I wasn’t until last year, and now, suddenly, I find myself not only running and enjoying it, but dreaming about it.

But that wasn’t even the strange and yet ordinary part.

See, I wasn’t running alone. I was running with my boyfriend. I don’t remember much else about the dream, just that we were running, and chatting, and laughing along the way.

Except, the thing is…I don’t have a boyfriend.

So, therein lies the strangeness of the dream. That in dreaming about a boyfriend, I would dream of such an ordinary activity. I didn’t dream of an elaborate date on a horse drawn carriage through central park, with a candlelit dinner by moonlight. I didn’t dream one of “those” dreams that you don’t elaborate on in the morning, you simply smile to yourself and think “yeah, that was a good dream” (what? Like you’ve never had one of THOSE either? Please!)

And right there you have the truth of my situation. I’m not one of those girls who want the fantasy romance that will sweep me off my feet.

If I had a boyfriend, I would want to go running with him. I would want him to show me how to properly use the weight machines at the gym.

If I had a boyfriend, I’d want him to be the type of guy who would help me figure out what ingredients to pick up at the grocery store so we could invent some healthy version of our favorite meals.

We would cook together, eat together and then argue over whose turn it was to do the dishes.

But I don’t.

So tonight, I’ll go on that run alone anyway, I’ll create my own healthy recipe, and I guess it is my turn to do the dishes again.

But hey, you never know who I’ll be running with in my dreams tonight…

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