Monday, April 26, 2010

Popinjay - Excessive

Today's Popinjay prompt is "Excessive"...

There were OH SO MANY things I could have used for this prompt, but it just so happens that I'm in the midst of a decluttering project at home. And right now, the decluttering at this very moment is focused on my very large, and quite EXCESSIVE CD collection.

See, I used to work in a music store, and I also have always been a huge music fan, so it's no surprise that my music collection should be so abundant. But, this photo:
Is only a small portion of my collection. There is also this:

AND this:
That last picture represents CD's that were in drawers of an old desk I was using as a TV stand for the last few years. I had not opened those drawers in years, and had forgotten they even existed.

See? Excessive.

This week Popinjay is being Guest Hosted by Amber over here. Please do stop by and see what she finds to be excessive. And do come back next week, when I'll be hosting and the prompt is:


See you then!

1 comment:

Amber@ClassicHousewife said...

OH my goodness!! You'd laugh to see MY measly collection. Wow!! =P