Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cooking with K&K - Week 4

This year, for Valentine's Day, I had the best date of all time.  Lil' K and I decided to spend the evening together cooking up a meal, and spending quality "sister" time. 

I picked K up at her friend's house after work, and she hopped in the car and handed me a rose "I got a Valentine for my Valentine". I love that girl!

Our dinner:

 The menu for the evening was: Lemon Zest Spinach:

Home made beef meatballs (with a tomato/horseradish dipping sauce on the side) and sweet potato fries:

My Funny Valentine getting ready to eat:

 How's that for a beautifully colorful (and healthy) meal:

 And dessert? Oh...dessert was red velvet cupcakes, made from scratch:

We had a blast making our dinner, but I have to tell you, after making those cupcakes, I've decided I need to get myself one of those fancy mixers, because mixing up the batter (and icing) for these cupcakes was quite the challenge for both K and I.

Which is why I'm taking the opportunity to use this post to ask you:

have you seen the Kenmore Elite Stand Mixer giveaway on DearCrissy.com this week?

DearCrissy.com is giving away one of those fancy mixers, and I WANT IT!!!

Anyway, cooking with K is becoming my favorite night of the week...I can't wait till next week...


Pamela said...

was reading about red velvet cake origins the other day -- said originaly had beets in it.
Did your home made red velvet recipe call for beets?

Yummy dinner...

~michelle pendergrass said...

You are doing SO great!!! It looks SO yummy!