Friday, December 16, 2005

I've been GEEK-a-fied!

And I couldn't be happier about it!
The picture above represents my shopping experience today. I have been participating in the "pre-tax 'Cafeteria' Plan" at work, which is basically a way to screw the government out of charging you taxes on some of your income (legally), but because I slacked off this year and didn't go to the dentist for my crown and whatever other work he wants to do, I had A LOT of money left over in my account. And for those unfamiliar with the way these pre-tax plans work, if you don't use the money by the end of the year, you lose it. SO, I had to go shopping! You can only use this money for medical reasons, and thankfully glasses qualify, so, since I've had to become a full time eyeglass wearer these last years, due to my complicated eye problems, I decided I was going to splurge and go buy some new eyeglasses.
If I'm stuck wearing eyeglasses every day, then I might as well be able to switch them according to my mood (or outfit). I already have a pair that I like, they are wire framed, and very thin and hardly noticeable. I also already own a pair of prescription sunglasses.
So, I decided to go for some glasses that would look like nothing that I have. I spent over 2 hours at the store picking my new frames out. I won't actually get my glasses for another week or so, so the pictures above are from the website.
I realize looking at the picture above, the two pairs I bought look alike, but they are actually quite dissimilar. They are differently shaped, and they don't look alike when I put them on either, and the colors are not like the picture.
The top pair is my "transitions" pair, you know, the kind of lenses that switch to sunglass lenses in the sun. The frames are actually black AND pink, not just black like the picture. They're adorable and I can't wait to wear them. The bottom pair are black and "crystal" (not brown like the picture) and really nice too. A stylish "geeky" pair, I love them. My favorite thing about these, however, is that I got "scotchguar" lenses for them. To see just how freekin' cool scotchguard lenses are, go here and watch the demo on what happens when you pour vegetable oil on them! I can't wait to go out in the rain in these things!
So yeah, I'm officially a geek. But it's cool, because I'm a stylish geek! Once I receive the glasses, maybe I'll post some pictures of me in them. (not likely, since I hate pictures of me, but we'll see).
So, seriously, the fact that I'm totally excited about my new glasses, does that make me a total geek?
Oh, and I also went out today and spent an hour and a half in a bookstore trying to pick out which books to buy with my gift card...I got three new ones, and I'm very excited about those too.
Yeah, okay, I'm a geek.

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