Monday, January 03, 2011

Popinjay - Redeemed and Bargain Huntress

This is a toughie. I’ll admit I read the word in its Christian sense, and therefore, was having a really hard time coming up with a picture to represent “made amends for, atoned for”…how do you represent such a powerful feeling in a photo?

Then this morning, as I lay in bed, in that middle space between sleep and awake, I saw the other, more day to day definition of the word in my mind.

Redeem: to cash in, to trade in, to use…and what better time to photograph this meaning of the word than right after Christmas, when we find ourselves recipients of gift cards from friends and loved ones?

So, here it is…my boss gave me a card to one of my favorite stores for Christmas…DSW Shoe Warehouse, and last week, I went in search of the perfect pair of boots.

I found these:

And let me tell you something else about these boots…they were one of the best deals I have ever gotten, and I’m a bargain hunter by nature.

The Nine West boots were originally priced somewhere in the $180 range when sold by Nine West. Once they made their way to DSW, their price dropped to $99. When I found them, they were on the 50% clearance rack. But on the day I happened to come across them to REDEEM my gift card, DSW was having an additional 30% sale on all clearance items. Final price to me: $35.

Now that’s a bargain!

Note: This post is also the first in a new series I’m starting here at Candid Karina: “Bargain Huntress” where I will share some of the better bargains I manage to get my hands on as I shop throughout the year, because bargain hunting to me is a sport…and such a fun one at that! ;-)

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~michelle pendergrass said...

Wow!!! That is a SUPER awesome deal!!!!!

Amber said...

That *IS* a really good deal!
I was hoping to take a picture of the things I bought with my Target gift card but they still have not arrived yet. I ordered a scrapbook and some "family" embellishments and I'm going to finally make a scrapbook album and do something with my photos!
In the end, I ended up with going with the biblical idea of the word. =p