Thursday, February 09, 2006

Thirteen Things about ME

1…. Karina is my middle name
2 . I was born in Africa
3 . I lived in Portugal for 10 years
4 . I've lived in the USA for 20 years
5 . I've been a big sister through "Big Brother Big Sister" to my "lil sis" for 5 years
6 . I'm older than my real little brother by 10 years
7 . I think family and real friends are the most important things in life
8 . I'm addicted to reality television
9 . I love sushi
10. The cat in the picture is my little devil Calla Lilly
11. When I grow up I want to be a writer
12. I kill all plants except for my one bamboo and my one cactus which for some reason I've managed to keep alive for years now
13. I'm happy to be turning 31 this year.

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MaR said...

You have been around! interesting list, thanks for visiting my TT

WendyWings said...

I am sorry I didn't get over here sooner. I DID link you on the TT list though lol
I am a plant killer too ;)

If you want play i have a guess the lie post up :)
( linkage if you get it right lol)

Karina said...

Apologies to both of you for my not updating this with your links...I went from Thursday to today in a blur...