Monday, September 17, 2007

Candid Karina asks the questions

Fun Monday is below this post.

A while back I was interviewed by my fellow blogger Frigga. You can read that interview HERE. It is a fun new meme going around the blogosphere, and a great way to get to know other blogggers just a little bit better.

Per the meme, a few bloggers asked to be interviewed by yours truly, so I set to asking the really tough questions.

Please visit Ms. Frou Frou for the first of my interviews.

Hopefully coming soon will also be interviews with Joy T and Annie. Stay tuned.

Also, if you'd like to be interviewed, I'm still taking volunteers...let me know.


julia said...

Thanks for the link back to your interview by Frigga. I missed it the first time and I loved reading it. Your bad dates stories were priceless. And your shoes - everyone has a passion for something. Your passion is stylish!

lisa's chaos said...

Interviewing sounds like fun, you can do me if you want to. :)

Frances said...

So glad I got a chance to reread your interview.
If you'd like to interview me I'm game.
Sending bloglove,

Joy T. said...

I haven't forgot honest!!

FRIGGA said...

WhoooHoooo! Thanks for the link love ;-)

JennieBoo said...

This looks like fun!

Count me in...