Friday, February 08, 2008

Follow-Up Friday - It's Baa-ack!!! (with a contest)

Okay, I'm forced to admit that moving Follow-Up Friday to Sum-It Up Sunday was unsuccessful. It turns out that with my new duties volunteering Sunday mornings (well into Sunday afternoons) with the youth at the church, I simply don't have the leisurely mornings I'd grown accustomed to on Sundays to blog. So, instead of doing the wrap-up posts I'd been intending to do, I end up just posting a quick thing...and although I'm not sure any of you care whether or not I do them, I actually miss doing the wrap-ups. I like that they give me an opportunity to address questions or comments you might have left, and I like how it allows me to tie my week up in a nice little bow. So, Foll0w-Up Friday is back, and we've got a few weeks to cover, so, I'm going to try to keep it as short as possible. There is a little contest hidden within this post, so please read on and vote. Off we go:

We'll start with the Fun Monday of January 21, the Anniversary Edition. We were asked to show the view from our front doors, so I obliged. But since the view from my front door is my neighbor across the hall's front door, I also gave you the view from my balcony, with some pretty sunset photos. I'm glad you all enjoyed them so much.

On Tuesday, January 22nd, I posted a bit about trolls. No, not the cute cartoon kind with pink and purple hair, the kind who post anonymous comments on blogs meant only to incite, hurt or upset. I was glad to see that you all seem to have the same attitude of delete, forget, move on...really, no better way to deal with it, right? And yes, I'm running out to buy the red wig really soon.

I'm skipping the next few days because I want to dedicate some extra space to the Friday of that week. On that day I didn't have a whole lot of blogging time, so I left it to you to "fill-in-the-blanks". Those of you who responded are so darn creative you all deserve props, so I'm giving them here. I'm going to post the 6 responses I got, and then you, dear reader, are going to vote for your favorite. I'll have a little gift to send to the winner.

The sentence you were asked to finish was: Today, Candid Karina couldn't write a blog entry because _____.

1. Frigga - of the universal forces that prevented that. See, she had every intention to. She even got up this morning, got dressed. But when she stepped outside to grab the paper she was abducted by aliens. As much fun as she's having at her inter-stellar party - those aliens don't have the wrireless connection necessary to post to her blog. You see, aliens don't need blogs, they can read minds. However, I did hear a rumor that they were going to teach Karina how to do this mind reading, and then she can publish from the space craft.

2. Lil' Mouse - she is too busy eating cheese on her couch in her pajamas, listening to lifehouse and being otherwise covert. (refer to this post to see why this was really funny to me).

3. Ana - she is experiencing cranial flatulation - hopefully it will pass in the next day or two. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

4. Lisa - she was too busy picking the fuzz from between her toes, and using said fuzz (along with belly button fuzz) to knit herself a pair of really warm mittens.

5. Joy T - she was too busy researching which brands of peanut butter and jam go best together in preparation for her very first pb & j :o) (FYI, nope, I still haven't had one).

6. Pamela - she had frostbite on her fingers from digging through 17 inches of packed snow to save her future boyfriend who was buried by an avalanche. - he's out there in the c-c-c-cold somewhere right now... brrrrr

Funny gals right? Well, here's the deal, I have to get back to work, so will continue Follow-Up Friday later on, there are some other posts of the last few weeks I still need to adress. But for now, vote for your favorite, so I can send them a little prize. ;-)


Jannis said...

I am so indecisive I like #3 & #6. Ok I vote for Pam she cracks me up!

Anonymous said...

Don't think I'm qualified to vote. Just flew over to say hi. Have a wonderful weekend.

Anonymous said...

All fabulous bloggers.
My vote is for JoyT!

MommaBoo said...

I like Lil' Mouse

Hope you have a great weekend
& Friday night!

Beckie said...

I like Lisa's.

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

Well I'm going to make things clear as mud and vote for Ana--who I swear was my vote before I saw all the other ones!

Joy T. said...

Well look at that. I entered a contest and didn't even know it. I swear I would have come up with something much better if I would have known :o) All very good in my books so goodluck to all!

Sandy M said...

Goyya vote for #3 Ana, That cracked me up!

Rebecca said...

I vote for myself, because I'm honest like that! But if I couldn't I'd vote for Lisa - the mittens were funny! :-) Or Lil Mouse, I really liked her answer too! Okay, what am I saying? I liked them all and shouldn't be allowed to vote :-0