Monday, February 09, 2009

Cafe Karina - The Bachelor - Meet the Parents

I've been REALLY sick the past few days and am just now beginning to feel better, so today's Bachelor recap is going to be short, sweet and to the let's get to it...this week, Jason is going home with the final four girls to meet their families.

First up he goes up to Alberta, Canada to meet up with Jillian and meet her family. She shares some family secrets with Jason, and I begin to see that there could definitely be something there with the two of them. I've always liked Jillian, she's spunky, and fun, and real, but now I really like them together. And her parents and family? Oh, I love them. They're adorable. Real, down to earth, fun. Very fitting for Jason.

Next up is Molly's family. They too are a lot of fun, and instantly fall in love with Jason themselves. And I like Molly, but I don't see her being "the one" for him. They have lots of fun together, but I don't see the "it" there...whatever "it" is, it ain't there. I mean, I suppose it could be, but I don't see it.

And then it was time for Naomi and her family. Naomi I like as well, but with her, I definitely don't see it. As much as she tries to convince herself and Jason that she's "ready" for the family life, I don't think she is, and I think Jason has his doubts as well. And then there's her family...and the dead dove...that they decide to bury when Jason is there...and have him give the eulogy...uh...right! Run, Jason, run...far far away...between the dead dove, and mom's psychic visions, and dad's Jesus talk (don't get me wrong, I'm all about Jesus, but dude came on STRONG and Jason looks totally freaked out). Just as freaked out as he did when mom was talking to him about reincarnation. Uh...yeah...

And finally it's Melissa's turn. I love Melissa. She's been one of my favorites for him from the very beginning. However, Melissa drops a bomb on Jason. Her parents are not comfortable meeting Jason on camera, so he'll be meeting her friends instead. So, will this hurt her chances with him? Family is important to Jason, and meeting their families is an important part of his decision making process. So, how will this go? Jason meets her friends, two couples and their kids, and they all seem to get along really well. But, when Jason finds out that none of Melissa's friends have ever met her parents either, he gets concerned. Until Melissa explains that her parents are just very private people. Food for thought for Jason, for sure.

And then it was time for Jason to make his decision...time for the rose ceremony...who would Jason send home?

After some deliberation, Jason is ready to hand out the roses, and the first goes to Molly. Next up is Jillian, and finally, Melissa. It is Naomi who will be going home. No shocker there for me.

And that's it folks for this week. Next week the final three head to New Zealand with Jason for the romantic overnight dates. It's getting close to the end, which means the drama is bound to get heightened.

What do you think...who's your' pick for Jason?

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Pamela said...

I missed it last night - so I'm going to watch it on the episode viewer tonight.

I have to admit, that I would be reluctant to go on camera for that show if it was my daughter. Kind of hard to think about that 15 minutes of looking fat & edited to whatever the show producers want to do with you.