Thursday, January 19, 2006

Reason number 362 why friends don't let friends set them up...

Wow, two entries in one day? Well, immediately after I entered the other entry, this happened:
I'm rethinking the whole "ready to date" thing, and it didn't even take a full about that?

If not the "ready to date" thing, I am MOST DEFINITELY re-thinking the "letting my friends set me up" thing.

Scenario: K (that's me) is sitting at work, minding her own business, when suddenly Europe's "The Final Countdown" begins playing from her jacket pocket. It appears that K has left her cell phone on from her earlier jaunt out of the office (which in and of itself was a whole other source of aggravation, since K was called while out of the office running office errands because a client was on the other line and had a question...uh? Voice mail anyone???? take a freakin' message??) okay, anyway, back to the story at hand. SO, cell phone rings (and no, I didn't download "the Final Countdown" as a ring tone, my brother did, I inherited his phone, I like the song)...K answers phone. It is Cat, the friend who called this weekend asking if I'd be interested in meeting T.

Cat: Hi
K: Hi girl, how are you?
Cat: Oh, not good, we got some bad news about the dog, he might have cancer.
K: Oh no, I'm so sorry (genuinely concerned, cat and husband just got dog, really love him, recently lost other dog due to old age)
Cat: Yeah, but I don't want to talk about that
K: Okay (then why did you start the conversation with that? Well, okay, whatever, I asked how you were, I got an answer, moving on), so what's up?
Cat: Well, we wanted to know if you're going to be around either Friday or Saturday night, T wanted to see if we could set something up for him to meet you this weekend.
K: Oh, I can't, I'm going away this weekend, I won't be back until Sunday (okay, late saturday night, but still, same thing).
Cat: Oh, okay, I'll let Husband know. Maybe next weekend then?
K: Sure, I'm supposed to have dinner with some girlfriends either Friday or Saturday but it's not set yet, so either night, I can work one or the other around.
Cat: Okay, I'll call Husband and we'll talk later in the week then.

Goodbyes are said, phone's hung up. TWO minutes pass.

"It's the final countdown...."

K: Hello?
Cat: Hi, so, T REALLY REALLY wants to meet you, so even if it's some night during the week, he wants to know if you want to go out, so he can meet you.
K: What the hell did you tell this guy about me that he wants to meet me so badly?
Cat: Nothing much, just the basic stuff, I told him that you're independent, have your own place, don't really date at all, and he's just really interested.
K: (not so sure I'm okay with the "don't really date at all equals he's really interested part, what the hell does that mean?) Okay...well, I don't know about during the week, I'm usually in a get out of work go home and relax kind of mode during the week (not to mention that I plan on starting the gym next week but don't get into that here), but I will be around next weekend for sure.
Cat: Okay, it's just that ever since we told him about you he keeps asking Husband about you, and he really wants to meet you (WTF?? He knows me form a hole in the wall). And...


and Husband was like "what doesn't she want to meet him anymore?"
K: Cat, it's THURSDAY, you called to ask if I was available for Friday or Saturday, I'm going away...I said I was available next weekend. Doesn't mean I don't want to meet him, it means I have plans TOMORROW and the DAY AFTER...
Cat: yeah, okay, well, I'll tell Husband
K: Okay, yeah, cool.

Goodbye's are said, phone's are hung up.

WTF?? Tell me something, do all couples automatically assume that just because a person is single, then she has nothing better to do than sit around on Friday and Saturday nights waiting for someone to want to go out with them? So, because I happen to have plans THE VERY NEXT DAY, I'm automatically not interested in meeting your friend? AND WTF did you tell him about me that is making him want to meet me so badly? Either this guy is desparate to meet ANYONE, (I'm getting stalkerish vibes here), or you guys think that by making him sound SOOO interested I'll be jumping up and down for joy. Truthfully, I'm a little freaked out. How long have you known me? YEARS, right? You'd think by now you'd know that I'm not turned on by the "Nice to meet you let's get married" types.

Is it that because I made the mistake of telling you that yes, I might be interested in dating again, you assumed this means that I must be married within the year?

THIS is why I don't like set-ups. Now you will be hounding me to go out with him, to like him, to marry the freakin' guy. I don't even know his age!

DID I NOT say "casual get-together". When did this turn into a "shotgun date". Do or die. GO out with him TOMORROW or you're not really interested? Is this coming from the two of you, or is this coming from him? Either way, I'm quickly debating whether to tell you to just forget the whole thing. This was supposed to be fun, now it's feeling like a chore. YOU'VE KILLED IT.



snoopy said...

I'm convinced that once people are a couple, that part of their brain that contained their single life gets lobotomized.

Couple-people automatically think that b/c you are single, you are lonely, unhappy, desperate & want to be a couple too more than *anything* else in the entire world.

I'd be a little weirded out too by a guy who "really wants to meet me" just based off of what people have told him.

Sara said...

The last time I let friends set me up, I ended up with my ex, the divorced, alcoholic, drug addict, cheater with a baby mama.

He REALLY wanted to go out with me to.

Im just sayin.