Thursday, January 05, 2006

A Public Service Announcement - or something of that sort...

Let me start by saying this: This is MY BLOG, and therefore that means that I am entitled to share my thoughts and feelings here, whether or not they may be harsh, politically incorrect, or just plain rude. I don’t consider myself to be any of the above (well maybe politically incorrect), for the most part, I think I am a very thoughtful, nice, and caring person. But there are times when ANGRY Karina needs to come out and play, this is one of those times.

A little background into why this particular topic is on my mind today. As some of you know, I work in a law firm, and yesterday we had a client come in for a consult in a matter related to an arrest for drinking and driving. I was lucky enough (sarcasm abounds) to sit in on this consult. It took every ounce of my being to sit there and look pretty (yeah, whatever) and not open my mouth about my true feelings. SOO, I decided that since I couldn’t say these things to him, I’d say them here. AND since he’s not the only idiot getting behind the wheel after having WAY too much to drink, I figured I’d address it to ALL the idiots who do so.

And a quick disclaimer: I don’t condone getting in a car after drinking pretty much at all, although we’re all guilty of having one or two drinks and then driving. For the most part, this is not a big issue with me and this is not what this post is about. My issue is with the idiots (and yes, I’ll continue to call them idiots, and this is much nicer than the other words I was using at the meeting in my mind) who just don’t know when to stop and THEN get in their cars.

That said, an open letter to the idiots who choose to drink and drive:


Do you really believe that there is any excuse for your behavior? Do you truly feel that you should not be held accountable for your choices? Do tell what it is that makes you above reproach? Why do you think you have been selected to be allowed to make ignorant, idiotic choices and then not feel guilty for it? YOU.ARE.GUILTY. Therefore, you should suffer the consequences. I do not feel sorry for you. There is no sympathy here for your plight. NONE, ZERO, ZILCH.

Don’t you try that WOE IS ME crap here. I should nod my head in commiseration that it is not fair that someone can rob a convenience store and only get a slap on the wrist and you, with your first offense (let’s be clear, the first time you were caught), are going to suffer SO MUCH MORE? Cry me a river!

So now you don’t know how you’ll get to work because you refused the breathalizer, because you were WAY above the legal limit and you knew it, so chose to refuse it instead of proving just how drunk you were, and now you have automatically lost your license for 6 months (this, by the way, is new Massachusetts Law, passed in October of 2005). What a pity! Nope, not feeling sorry for you one bit.

And then you have the gall to say, in a “yep, I’m guilty as hell” tone that you visited 3, maybe 4 bars that night? How much did you have to drink? “Plenty” you say. Hell, you don’t even remember what you said to the cops after you were arrested, because you were THAT drunk, and I’m supposed to feel badly for you because “it’s not like I hurt anyone”? SORRY, Not happening.

Here’s what I think. Now, pay attention. And this goes to EVERYONE who chooses to get behind the wheel of a car when they KNOW they’ve had even just ONE too many drinks (never mind 12 or 13). Listening?

I think, to put it bluntly, that you are a killer. Yeah, I know, I know, I’m out of line, right? But would you give a gun to someone who isn’t mentally stable and able to think rationally and tell them to just shoot wildly? Right, you wouldn’t, because that bullet is bound to hit a target at some point. So here’s the thing, YOU KNOW, because we all know, the effects of alcohol on your ability to walk straight, think straight, speak coherently. So therefore, you know, because we all know, that it would only make sense that it would also impair your ability to drive straight (you think?). So, here you are, not entirely in control of your body or mind and you load up your weapon and begin shooting wildly. Only this bullet is a 3000 plus pound pile of metal and glass. And you don’t think somebody’s going to get hurt? Rationally thinking you know that when you get behind the wheel of an automobile after you’ve had too much to drink, you could kill somebody. Therefore, you are a killer, you just haven’t found your victim yet. And don’t give me the “well if I’m not thinking straight, then I don’t rationally know that I could kill someone” stupidity either, because you were sober when you left the house (well, one would hope) and chose to drive your car to the first bar, second bar, third bar, and so on.

But you’re not that person? You’re a good guy, just out having a good time, you don’t really want to hurt anyone? Well, then don’t. Call a cab, stay at a friend’s house, assign a designated driver, walk, STAY HOME. There is just no good reason for you to be out on the road.

So, yes, maybe I’m unforgiving, maybe I’m just a bit too passionate about this particular subject, but it was one of you who killed my friend Leo, and took him away from this world 10 years ago now. And it’s always one of you who makes me afraid for my life when I’m driving home sober, the designated driver because I DON’T want to be a killer, and swerving into my lane. And it’s always one of you who ruins a prom night, a New Year’s Eve, a Fourth of July celebration.

No, I don’t feel sorry for you, I don’t have sympathy, I just don’t see your side of the story. I’m sick of hearing about these innocent people just minding their business standing on a sidewalk, driving home from work, and you come along and take a mother away form their children, a child away from their parents, a sister, a brother, a friend, ENOUGH.

So, stick your tail between your legs, where it belongs, because you were caught this time. Take your licking and hopefully, learn something from it. And for God’s sake, for all our sakes, hell for your sake, DON’T. DO. IT. AGAIN.

Because next time, someone might actually be in that car, and then, you just might hurt them, or worse. You don’t want to live with that, do you? Because after all, you’re not a killer, right? So, prove me wrong, don’t load that gun.

Very truly yours,

A Very Angry and Fed Up Citizen

Quietly stepping off my soapbox now.


Beanhead said...

Wendy directed me here..
I love this post, my 21 year old uncle was killed by a drunk driver in 1988. She left the sceene and did not even call for help for him. Thank God the friend he was following saw the whole thing or she may have never turned herself in. So I say good for you on this post! Drunk Drivers Suck!!!!!

Lazy Daisy said...

You go girl...angry Karina needs to come out and play more often. Wendy directed me here

Running2Ks said...

Amen to that! Absolutely. You are so right. I hope even one person gets the message.

Anonymous said...

I came here by way of Wendy!

I agree with your post 100%. I have never had anyone I know either killed or affected by a drunk driver but it's a senseless and avoidable.

Be proud that you've stated your opinion loud and clear. Like you said,, it's your blog,, post as you please! :)

WendyWings said...

Just swang by to say thanks for "auditioning" at my blog , the winner is now posted for this month, hope to see you again sooner rather then later :)