Wednesday, March 21, 2007

7 in 30 - And then there's Calla Lilly

It's only fair that if I'm going to devote an entry to Blueberry, that Calla Lilly gets her turn too.

Calla is the psycho kitty I've had for a little over 2 years now. Calla came to me at a time when I was debating whether I was ready for another cat, after my not so pleasant experience with her predecessor Pandora. Pandora is a story for another day, but lets just say that she probably should have been named after one of the evils let out of Pandora’s box, instead of Pandora herself. Poor cat, it wasn’t her fault.

Anyway, back to Calla. One of my friends called me one day to tell me a co-worker of hers was giving away kittens, and did I want one. Well, I couldn’t resist and finally gave in. I happened to be going away that weekend, so my friend picked my kitty up for me, and after a short visit to her house to meet my new cat, who I instantly fell in love with, I left her in my friend’s care and took off for my weekend away. This is important, because a bond was established between this particular friend and my cat, and this has come into play as Calla has grown up.

So, I brought Calla home, and knew right away that I’d made the right choice. I mean, look at the picture on the right, how cute was she? (The picture with this entry is recent one; she’s all grown up) All white with just the two gray marks on her head, she was just a sweet cat. She loved to be held, and was a total lap cat, something I had missed with Pandora. Very affectionate and extremely playful, we got along great.

To date, Calla and I still get along famously, and as long as I don’t have visitors, all is well in Calla’s world. But this is where it turns a bit tricky. See, Calla is alone all day, and for the most part, when I am home, I’m home alone. It’s just the two of us, and she likes it just fine that way. Whenever anyone else invades our space, she’s not so thrilled about that. “You don’t belong here stranger, be gone”. She says with a hiss. “And don’t even think about touching me” says the swat of the paw. The only friend who is allowed to visit, and can be in the same room with Calla, is her first mommy, the one who picked her up and kept her that first weekend. I like to think it’s because she remembers her, and the bond is still strong, but it’s probably because this particular friend is the one who spends the most time at my house, and therefore, Calla has accepted her as an acceptable extension of our family.

Unfortunately, I really do have to isolate her in one of the bedrooms when I have guests over, mostly because she’ll scare people, or they’ll scare her. It’s just not worth the stress. But once it’s just the two of us again, Calla will run right up to me and purr away, ready for some love. We don’t ever fight; as long as she has me all to herself Calla has no complaints.

But, despite her anti-social behavior, Calla is a fabulous pet. She is always at the door to greet me when I get home from work, and she will follow me from room to room, never wanting me to be alone. Every night as I sit down to watch television and relax for the night, she’ll jump up on the couch next to me, with one of her many treasures (a paperclip, one of the plastic round things from a gallon of milk, a hairclip, some random object or other), and drop it next to me. As so begins our nightly game of “fetch”. I’ll throw the object, she’ll run to grab it and bring it back to me. Some nights we’ll play this game for 20 to 30 minutes, no joke. I know dogs that don’t fetch, but Calla?
As long as it’s ON HER TERMS, when she’s good and ready, she can play for hours.
She’s also a completely cuddly cat, sitting on my lap, laying next to me, and purring way, just happy to be loved. Always entertaining, she’s a great pet, and I’m happy I decided to get her.

So there you have it, now you know all about my pets. I really need to find something more exciting to write about tomorrow!

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