Thursday, March 22, 2007

8 in 30 - Worst headline EVER

So, I’m minding my own business, browsing the internet today, when I come across this headline:

World Chocolate Shortage Ahead

WHAT??????????????????????? Okay, breathe…deep breaths…count to five…inhale, exhale…it’ll be okay…take a moment, read the article.

DAMN those reporters, they just about killed me, and all for naught! A quick perusal through the above linked article and I learned little more than we’re producing more dark chocolate, therefore requiring more cocoa, and the drought in Africa is causing some concerns with the higher demand. Yet, they’ve been expecting it, and don’t really see any issues. Some analyst with the quite appropriate last name of “Cruel” says that “markets have already factored in the supply issue”.

In other words, there’s no story here folks, we just thought we’d give a bunch of women (and okay, maybe some men too) small heart attacks by suggesting they won’t be able to get their Hershey’s fix in a few years.

NOT COOL people, not cool. You don’t mess with a woman and her chocolate, ESPECIALLY when she’s PMSing, as I happen to be this very moment.

I’m going to go eat some chocolate now…goodbye!

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

Yes, it's quite common in our now 24 news cycle to get stories that aren't stories. Of course, just reading about that scare may give me nightmares!