Tuesday, March 20, 2007

6 in 30 - The Adventures of Blueberry

I don’t talk about him much, but I have a fish at work. He is a blue beta (Siamese Fighting Fish). Hence the name Blueberry.

Now, Blueberry is just a fish, and in the grand scheme of pets, fish sort of tend to be overlooked, and just not highly appreciated. I mean, seriously, you can’t cuddle with them, they don’t “speak”, fetch, run, or get the paper. They don’t curl into a ball next to you on the couch and purr to let you know they love you. They don’t learn words to tell you they “want a cracker” or do special tricks.

Fish swim around and around, and as is the case with Blueberry, once in a while they burrow to the bottom of their fish tank and just hang out there…for hours…not doing anything…at all…not even moving so that you have to move the fish bowl to make sure they’re still alive.

But all that said, I love my fish. As I said above, I keep him at work, on my desk. I love coming in in the morning and waking him out of his slumber by turning on my desk lamp, and watching him swim around excitedly because he’s got light and company. And when I’m having an especially stressful day (when am I not?), I love sitting back in my chair and watching him swim around. Fish can be so relaxing and therapeutic.

Blueberry also gets very excited when I feed him. He goes all acrobatic on me, grabbing the food pellets and practically jumping out of the bowl to get at them. It’s quite a show.

Every once in a while, as I’m sitting here, working, typing way, he surprises me with a sudden burst of energy, even moving the little stones at the bottom of his tank. Strong little guy!

So, this is Blueberry, my beta…just thought you might like to meet him.

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Streamers 365 said...

Mr. Blueberry is cool. I want one for my office too. :)