Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Back to our regularly scheduled programming

Okay, so yesterday was shaded in secrecy and teasers, and for that I apologize. But I warn you there may be more of that in the future, so you'll just have to bear with me. At least now you know I'll come through with the reveal in one way or another.

So, moving on. What to talk about today? I did away with Wordless Wednesday because I wanted this blog to be a bit less regimented, so I could write some more. But that means now I actually have to come up with something to write about. What a predicament I find myself in...

Lucky for you, I have all sorts of random things I've been musing on recently, let's discuss:

1. What an incredible time in history we are living in. Being that I live right next door to New Hampshire, it was practically impossible to avoid all the hoopla surrounding yesterday's presidential primary election. And I've just been fascinated with the choices presented to us this time around. Regardless of where your politics lean, you have to admit that it is quite a point in history that we have not only the first woman seriously garnering support as a presidential candidate, but also the first multi-racial (I refuse to call him black, we'll come back to that in a minute) candidate as well. Listening to both of them speak is pretty inspirational. Yes, they are politicians, and yes, half of what comes out of their mouths is likely B.S. (as it is with any other politician), but it's the other half, and the fact that they are even making these speeches, that inspires me. That American dream is quite possibly attainable for them, and not such a pipe dream. It took long enough, but it's a positive step for our so called equality.

2. I will very shortly delve into why I refuse to call Obama black. It's quite simple really. In my family there are several inter-racial couples and/or multi-racial children. Looking at, for example, my cousin's two sons, I would hate to see them grow up and identify themselves as "black" alone. How hurtful would that be to their mother, who is raising them, that they would exclude her heritage all together? Barack's mother is white, and as his father wasn't even involved in his life as he was growing up, let's give the lady her due, shall we? Now, from what I've seen, I'm pretty sure Barack himself uses multi-racial when referring to himself, but it's the media harping on the "first black president" frenzy that drives me crazy. Yes, it is of historical significance that he could be the first man of color to hold that position, and as I said above, that inspires me as an American...let's just get what "color" we're talking about right here, that's all I'm saying. Or better yet, let's focus on the issues instead.

3. Okay, on to less serious things. I've been watching "The View". Well, I've been Tivoing "The View" and watching bits and pieces of it with my finger hovering over the fast forward button. I had watched a few episodes a while back, but because Elizabeth Hasselback annoys the crap out of me, it wasn't a regular occurance that I'd watch. Then they brought on Rosie, and my disdain for that woman knows no bounds, so I REALLY couldn't watch the show. Then Rosie left, and Elizabeth went on maternity leave. Fabulous. So, I began to follow the show again. I love Whoopi, and although she doesn't seem to say all that much on the show, I'm good with her being there, and I was enjoying the revolving door of "guest" cohosts as well. But here's the thing. Sherry Sheppard? I honestly didn't think anyone on that show could possibly annoy me more than Hasselback. But I was OH SO WRONG. That woman is dumb as an ox. The words that come out of her mouth? Does she even stop to think before she speaks? Elizabeth may annoy me to all ends, but at least she seems to have somewhat of a grasp about the issues she feels so strongly about. I may not agree with her, and I may find her whiny, but I can see for the most part that she has at least educated herself on those beliefs. Sheppard? Clueless. I mean, the woman was asked if the earth was flat, and she said...well...I'll let you see for yourself:


4. The writer's strike has now caused the Golden Globes to be cancelled. But they'll still be holding a press conference to announce the winners. Be honest folks, does anybody care about any of that? Don't we all just watch to see what everyone will be wearing? No red carpet? Nobody cares. I want the Best and Worst Dressed lists and pictures, that's the votes I'm interested in.

I think I'll leave on that note. Happy Wednesday everyone!


Unknown said...

Boy your little wheels are just a turning. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Wednesday, love random posts

Karina said...

Lisa, always turning, not always gripping the pavement though! ;-)

Laura, thanks! I'm VERY random, stick around! hahaha