Friday, January 11, 2008

Follow-Up Friday - and then some

Please note that although I will continue to do Friday Follow-Ups, because I enjoy them, I am also responding to all comments as they come in in individual posts, so if I don't address a particular comment you may have posted in my Follow-Up, I will have addressed it at the original post.

Anyway, what a week it has been. It seems the new year started with a HELLO for me. As in, Hello out there Karina, here is your life, what are you going to do with it? New opportunities, new challenges and new adventures all on the Horizon.

For starters, speaking of NEW beginnings and Horizon's, I had a creative few days over at Creative Karina, with my Sunday Scribblings AND Writer's Island entries. I was also given an award, my first for that blog, but I will post about that over there next week.

Back over here at Candid Karina, I started off the week (or technically finished off last week) with an entry into the Saturday Photo Hunt, featuring the DELICIOUS Smiley, my cousin's son.

On Sunday I posted a few photos that I happened to take driving home last week. It was one of those moments when I drove past something and thought "what a beautiful picture that would make". And then turned my car around, and took the pictures. So glad I did.

I didn't participate in Fun Monday this week, but my fish Blueberry did. He wants you all to know that he had a fantastic time blogging, and hopes to do it again soon. He's also grateful for all your wonderful comments. He replied to all of them in the comments section of that post, so be sure to stop on by and read them.

On Tuesday I was a bit of a tease. I had a story to tell, but couldn't reveal it here, due to security not being as tight as I'd like it to be over here. If you haven't yet, you simply must check out what I'm talking about. I did finally find a way to tell, just go see, will you? And there will be a small update later on today as well, I think.

On Wednesday I started my first attempt at not participating in Wordless Wednesday post was practically invisible, and received the least comments I've received on a week-day post in ages...hmmm...maybe I should re-think this "no" wordless wednesday" thing. Still, I kind of enjoyed a day to just write randomly, so, maybe I'll stick to it a bit longer and see what transpires. What do you think?

And yesterday I took a page right out of my buddy Frigga's Thursday Thirteen book and went with an inter-active list. It was SO MUCH fun to read all your responses that I may make this something I do from time to time. I did NOT respond individually to those comments, but that's only because I'm planning on posting my responses sometime next week, and will address yours then. Stay tuned!

So, what's coming up, you ask? There will most certainly be an update to the "oh so secret" tale in the next few days. Saturday Photohunt this week will possibly feature yours truly. There is more creative writing on the horizon over at Creative K. And I have another edition of my "All The Boys I've Ever Loved" posts in the works. I also still have some "interview" questions my readers have posed that I have yet to answer and a few other goodies up my sleeve as well. Don't stray too far, I love having you here!

Happy Friday!


Rebecca said...

I've definitely noticed a major drop in stats and comments from my MeMe hiatus. And not just on those posts, but it seems that when people visit for the WW and the TT, they also tend to comment on other posts at the same time. So ya, I'm definitely going to work my way back into the realm of MeMe :-) (P.S. Thanks for the link love! And now you know why I love doing those interactive ones so much - fun stuff!!)

Happy Friday :D

Julia Phillips Smith said...

Another great wrap-up. Loved the link to Delicious Smiley little cousin! Early congrats on the Creative Karina award and Covert Karina sounds like fun. My brain can't handle anything complicated today so I'll get back to you on that.

Julia Phillips Smith said...

Me again - Tag! You're it! I just did a birth month meme. Now I'm curious about you...