Sunday, January 06, 2008

Field of Dreams

Driving home the other afternoon, I drove past the local high school's football fields. The sight I saw made me actually turn my car around so I could capture the moment. The temperature had warmed up a bit, so there was a cloud of mist rising from the snow covered feel, reaching up to meet the sunset.

It was quite beautiful.


Pamela said...

isn't it crazy how blogging has changed our perception.

I do the same thing now. I see things that were "NEVER THERE" before. ha.

great capture. almost spooky.

Karina said...

Pamela, I know it! I think I might have seen it anyway now that I've gotten into photography a bit, but the "I have to blog this"'s so funny!

Rebecca said...

That's very pretty.

So many times I see a picture I'd like to take while driving - I should just turn around and take it! :D

Karina said...

Frigga, I do that a lot too, and then DON'T turn around and take it. In fact, on this occasion, I almost didn't stop, and was a good mile down the road when I thought better of it, and turned around.