Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Better days

Feeling much better today. The meltdown on Sunday was probably much needed and well overdue. Once I had what Joy very accurately coins the "ugly cry", I was ready to pick back up and start all over again.

Spent Sunday afternoon with friends, and allowed myself a lazy Sunday evening with a glass of wine or two, deciding to leave the job search for Monday, with a clearer head.

Yesterday I did go meet with a placement agency, hopefully to get the ball rolling on getting some interviews. I also applied for a job on my own, one I'm actually genuinely interested in finding out more about. I wrote a kick-ass cover letter, if I do say so myself, so hopefully an interview will follow.

Spent some time last evening refocusing my faith, and discovering a new (new to me) method of prayer. In the next few weeks I will be digging a bit into my spirituality, and it couldn't have come at a better time. God does have impecable timing though, doesn't he?

Today I'm feeling much more at peace. I'm motivated, I'm focused, and I'm optimistic. And I have the best bloggy friends, and the sun is shining. Things are looking up.

Drove by a movie set this morning on my way to work. Hollywood has come knocking in little ol' Lowell, Massachusetts. Tina Fey, Rob Lowe and Jennifer Garner are in town filming their new movie. No, I didn't glimpse any of them, but I did get stuck in the traffic their movie set caused. Ah well.

Tonight is the big "goodbye" dinner at The Firm. Hey, they're feeding me, so I'm going.

Hope you are all having a wonderful Tuesday. Thank you for being the best bloggy friends a girl could ask for.


kitten said...

Glad you are feeling better. Would you share this new method of prayer? I surely could use it my self.
Good luck sweetie!

Anonymous said...

I think you are a great bloggy friend too!
Hope all goes well with the dinner.
Who knows someone may have a great lead or two.
Thinking of you in New York.
Much bloglove,

Rebecca said...

It sounds like you've gotten some good perspective on the situation. And yay for jumping into action. I found my current job through a temp agency - so they do work!

As for the faith, or spirituality - I kind of wonder which came first... I mean, would you be seeing the world in such a way if your job situation hadn't openned your eyes to new possibilities. I just think those things go hand in hand. :)

Happy Tuesday!!! :-)

Unknown said...

Glad you have found some peace my sweet bloggy friend.
Wow, we both have movies filming in our towns. I'm off to hopefully see some real action today and not just set building.
Have a good time at the farewell dinner, they owe you that!

Pamela said...

hey.. I think Rob Lowe is looking for a new nanny... ???? bwwwwaaaa ha. (quit laughing at your own jokes Pamela, signed ME2)

Karina said...

Kitten, I will drop you an email and let you know what it is that I'm doing. ;-) Thanks!

Frances, Thank you!!! The dinner was very nice.

Frigga, well, the spirituality has always been there, and is what kept me from completely falling apart when the news of losing my job arrived...but yes, those things definitely do go hand in hand.

Sassy, I think your movie set is way more interesting than ours, though. They were only in town for two days here.

Pamela, that's okay, I laughed too! ;-)