Sunday, April 13, 2008


The fine line between "keeping it together" and having a total meltdown was breached today. It doesn't take very much to trigger these moments when you're trying so hard to keep it all together, and today, it was my internet crapping out on me right in the middle of me trying to apply for jobs online.

I fell off the tightrope and landed hard...thank God fo the safety net that is my mom, who was there to listen to me sob histerically for fifteen minutes or so.

I'm better now, and as you can see the internet is back up (after a 2 hour call to tech support), so I'm off for some job searching.

Not sure I'll manage Fun Monday this week, but we'll see how the job search goes in the next few hours.


The Ex said...

Oh Karina. It had to happen eventually. I'm so thankful for your mom. Hugs.

Beckie said...

Oh Karina. Just keep visualizing that perfect job - it will come to you.

I'm happy you have your mom - moms are great!

Molly said...

Oh, I know that line too well. Good luck with the job search.

Blog said...

Well, so glad your mom was there for you! I hope you feel more yourself again soon! ((Hugs))

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

Computer/internet problems are usually what tip the scales of sanity for me as well.

Moms are the best (especially yours and mine) ;)

Joy T. said...

Glad your mom was there for you. There's nothing better then a good ugly cry though. Gets it all out there and cleanses the soul. Well it works for me anyway and believe me when I finally let go it's all ugly and then some. Keep hanging in there. You can DO this!!

Karina said...

The Ex, you and me both girl. Don't know what I'd do without her!

Beckie, thanks! Moms are great! I'm feeling much better now. ;)

mjd, it is a thin, thin line ain't it? Thanks.

haley-o, thanks. I'm definitely feeling better today.

Sognatrice, yep, computer/internet issues can definitely be the trigger point quite often. And yes, our moms rock!

Joy, I know the "ugly cry" all too well, but you are right, it is certainly needed sometimes. I'm like a new person now! haha