Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thirteen Things I feel like sharing with you today

1. I have to crank out my TT fairly quickly today because I have three HUGE projects I have to get going on at work.

2. I’m feeling really proud of this latest “diet/exercise” kick I’m on, I’ve already dropped approximately 11 pounds (turns out my scale was on the fritz when I started, so I’m not really sure what my starting weight was), and am only 4 pounds away from my initial goal. I wanted to reach my initial goal by next weekend (the 27th) and it looks as if I will come pretty darn close.

3.From all of the swimming and water aerobics I’ve been doing, I actually have toned arms. I can flex and show off these great little bicep muscles that were so not visible before. Since watching Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2 I’ve wanted toned arms, and now I’m actually getting there…I love it!

4.For the record, my “maybe” crush I mentioned a few weeks back…changed my mind.

5. I have decided that I am ready to get back into the whole dating thing again (UGH), but that said, I have been reminded why I stopped dating in the first place. I hate the whole thing, and my “maybe” crush just reminded me by being all guns blazing interested until I stepped up and then he crawled into some hole never to be heard from again…MEN!

6. However, the coolest thing has been happening since I started shedding the extra weight and feeling better about myself; I’m totally getting flirted with by complete strangers on a pretty regular basis…I even warranted a “dang, girl” Friday night, when I wasn’t even trying to look cute!

7. I’m super excited about next weekend. I’m going to a wedding in NYC, the first in years that I’m not actually part of the wedding party, and I’ve bought this killer dress that I look awesome in, if I do say so myself. AND on Friday night of that weekend I get to go see Grease on Broadway.

8. I’m driving myself to NYC that weekend, and I need to hurry up and call a tire place to have my tires changed. I have an extra full set of tires that somehow came with my car, so I just need to actually change them, but I’ve been slacking on making the call. Oh, and I also need an oil change on my car.

9. I don’t think I’ve picked up a book yet this month, and this is highly unusual for a reader like me. BUT, I have every intention of picking up the final Harry Potter and reading it cover to cover as soon as possible.

10. I’ve been going through a lot of my older poetry and short stories, from high school and college, and am thinking of starting a second blog to share some of it…

11. I really want to buy a laptop computer, but don’t want to spend too much on it. Mostly I want it so I can surf blogs and read and respond to e-mails while I watch TV at night…any suggestions?

12. There are several movies out right now that I really want to go see: Harry Potter, Ocean’s 13, Hairspray, Transformers, Pirates 3 (which I don’t even think is in theatres anymore); but I can’t seem to see myself spending time inside a theatre when the weather is so nice out.

13. I have no major plans for this weekend, besides finding an outfit to wear to Grease, and accessories to go with my dress for the wedding, and relaxing by the pool, and I’m looking forward to a quiet weekend before next weekend’s crazyness ensues.

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Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

What a happy, upbeat, inspiring thirteen! Brava!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy dating! Sounds like you're going to do great. And congrats on the weight loss. Lots of good and exciting things happening for you :o)

Lyn said...

Take time to read books. lol, thanks for popping by Bloggin' Outloud, Lyn

Beckie said...

I am so jealous - you get to go to Grease!!!

The flirting is nice too!

Rebecca said...

Back on the dating scene huh? Mostly fun, but also very frustrating!

WhooHooo on the weight loss, although I think the extra flirting comes more from your extra confidence (since losing the weight).

Good TT13 - sorry I missed this week :-)

Anonymous said...

New York is waiting for you with open arms.
By the way Oceans 13 is fabulous.
Take care,

MommaBoo said...

So sorry I'm late commenting. I haven't been feeling so great (bad cold).

Thank you for sharing some "nuggets o' Karina info" with us!

I feel as if I know you in "real life"! :D

Happy Weekend!