Monday, December 10, 2007

Vote for me

My friend Frigga did a MadLibs type of Thursday Thirteen last week. Now she's posted the stories all her commenters' responses created, and she's offering a prize for the best story...and I'm one of the entrants.

This is my first ever "blog contest", so I'm very excited. I'll be just fine if I don't win, but I'd love to at least have some, go on over there, read these stories, and vote for my story your favorite story. They are all hillarious and definitely worth a read.


Also, head on over to the SheWhoBlogs Blog today to read an entry by yours truly....well actually, from Blueberry, my fish, he's a blogger too you know?


Unknown said...

I did it, I voted. :) Those were funny!

Rebecca said...

Thanks for the link love! Good luck!! :-)