Friday, June 01, 2007

R.I.P. -Blueberry the Beta

Blueberry was a fish who lived the best kind of life that a Beta, Siamese Fighting Fish could wish to live.

His childhood spent in a pet shop, living in a small plastic container, Blueberry was adopted and given a home in a pretty fish bowl, surrounded by pretty blue rocks on a desk, in the office of his new owner, Karina.

And in his new home, he could swim around in circles and circles every day.

His owner Karina would feed him every other day, and change his water weekly. She had even purchased a lamp so that he could have some wonderful light to swim under.

He brightened up her office space, and gave her someone to talk to when she was having a particularly bad day. There were days where she knew if Blueberry wasn’t there to calm her down, with his peaceful travels around the fishbowl, she might have seriously punched one of her co-workers on the nose.

Then one day in May, the last day in May, Blueberry seemed blue.
He kept hiding under the pretty blue stones, and Karina kept asking him
“Are you okay my fish?”
But then he would swim to the top, and do his rounds, and she thought everything would be okay. Karina knew that Blueberry liked to burrow, always had, so she figured he was just in one of his burrowing moods.

Then one day in June, the first day in June, Karina came into her office and said
“Good Morning my fish”…but Blueberry didn’t swim to the top as usual. In fact, Blueberry wasn’t swimming at all…and Karina was very sad to learn that Blueberry the Beta, Siamese Fighting Fish…had ceased his fight.

Rest In Peace old buddy…I’ll get a Blueberry 2.0, but it just won’t be the same. You’ll always be my first Beta.


sage said...

cute, a little sad and a little funny! I have Teddy Bears in my office that I use to keep from throwing punches--and extra that I can lend to members of my staff when they need something to hug instead of searching out someone to strangle. Here from Michele's who welcomes you to her game

The Rock Chick said...

Hi Karina,

I'm supposed to say "Michele sent me", but you know I'm a visitor here already! I think I will try whoever was right before you, too....just to be fair!!!!!

I had a beta named Blue! He was a great fish. I love fish, I have three 55 gallon aquariums with fancy goldfish, mollies, cichlids, oscars and bala sharks. (not all in the same tank :) I also have a little beta tank for my newest beta....Alpha :)

Hope u have a great day!
Jessica The Rock Chick

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your losing your little pal.
Reading about Blueberry made me want to go out and get a Beta for myself.
Sounds like he was pretty groovy.
- Frances

Julia Phillips Smith said...

My family had a Beta when I was in high school. We liked the name so much we just called him Beta.

He did the same thing when he died. He used to lurk inside a large conch shell in his bowl (a very large bowl.) One morning he swam into it and never reappeared. We were very sad to see him go.

Sorry to hear about Blueberry. Hope you are able to build a new relationship with a new finny friend.

Anonymous said...

you had me cracking up!!!

Sorry about your loss though.