Saturday, March 22, 2008

Photo Hunter #11 - Metal

The theme this week is metal:

Happy Hunting.


Anonymous said...

Oh! Art! Coool.

Janine said...

wow the picture is really cool and unique..that would really make a good decoration..nice one..

my metal entry is up here..

hope to see you there..

Corey~living and loving said...

good choices for today. :)

happy weekend.

Unknown said...

I love those cd holders! Cool!

Unknown said...

That is a really cool set of cd holders to say the least, very pop art in style. I have my PH posted at The Cafe.

Anonymous said...

Great metal post - monochrome works perfectly for these shots!
Have a great weekend - and thanks for visiting my metal too!

denz said...

Wow! what a lovely picture for this week theme, just keep it up and enjoy what you are doing!

Check mine also in HERE!!!

Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

Those CD holders are farout.
Happy Easter.
Much bloglove,

MommaBoo said...

Those CD stands remind me of some one of my girlfriends has.

I also LOVE the candle holders.

Karina said...

Alice, thanks!

Janine, thanks, I love sepia toned photos and thought it was fitting for this theme.

Corey, thank you.

Lisa, I've had those cd holders forever, and can't even remember where I got them, but I've always loved them too.

Mama Bear, thanks. Yeah, they're different, right?

Sabine, yes, I took some color shots too, but they just didn't feel right.

Denz, thank you.

Frances, thanks! ;-)

Jennie, I never realized how the cd holders and the candle holders kind of "matched" until I took these photos. Funny right? ;-)