Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The stuff that dreams are made of

Scenes from my dream last night, in no particular order (because I'll be damned if I can remember the sequence of events as they transpired in my mind's eye):

- Ex-boyfriend Cognac, at some point showing jealousy over my interest in the appearance of another man (strangely enough, other man looked eerily like Cognac himself).

- Cognac then transformed into male acquaintance of mine, one I have never been attracted to, or even remotely interested in romantically. Yet, in this dream, he was the loving, caring boyfriend, concerned about me, because I was upset. (Not entirely sure what I was upset about).

- Myself and a few others (possibly Lil'K, though I'm not entirely sure) being chased by flesh-eating zombie like yet...werewolf like creatures. If you were bitten, you were then turned.

- At some point one of the males in my dream (not Cognac, not male acquaintance, some other boyfriend like figure) is bitten, but is attempting to convince us that he is unaffected.

- He then invites the rest of his zombie like friends in and they proceed to attempt to eat us.

- This dinner party is rudely interrupted by yet another male figure, this one HUGE (as in muscular) and holding a very large gun. Zombies scramble, gun toting god rescues damsels in distress.

Alarm goes off.

There were several other odd and completely unrelated bits and pieces thrown in as well, which I remembered this morning, but came into work to no email access to be able to post about them, and now they've escaped into the recesses of my mind once again.

I SERIOUSLY need to stop eating cheese at bedtime.


ANA said...

Wow! I think I was in your dream last night. Funny thing is that I kept hitting the snooze button to find some peace, but kept going back to the same dream.

Rose said...

I don't like dreams like that.
It would be a good movie.
I'm glad you woke up before you were transformed.

Pamela said...

was it in color?

Joy T. said...

Laughing at Pamela's comment LOL I really do hate dreams like that but sometimes I do try to go back to sleep to see if I will continue where I left off. It's never happened yet though.

lissa said...

what a dream! wish I could remember my dreams in such details

Unknown said...

Exactly what kind of cheese causes such crazy dreams my dear?

Rebecca said...

Maybe your subcontisouly in love with Hulk Hogan - at the same time terrified of being eaten alive! In any case, dreams are fascinating! :-)

Karina said...

Ana, yeah, I woke up several times during mine, and everytime I went back to sleep, I went back to it, but it just kept getting stranger.

Mom, I think it would be a good movie...maybe I should write a script! ;-)

Pamela, I don't know if it was in color...I think so...I usually dream in color. I think...hmm...

Joy, usually I can only get back into a dream when it's something I don't want to get back into...never the good ones...NEVER. sigh...

Lissa, I don't usually remember many details from my dreams either, this one was pretty vivid though.

Mama Bear, I'm not sure what kind of cheese it was but I had to blame it on something and cheese was the last thing I remember eating before bed! lol

Frigga, Ugh, not Hulk Hogan, yikes.