Friday, August 10, 2007

Tales from THE FIRM - The return of M.I.A.

As mentioned previously, M.I.A. has been just that. Although she technically only "works" on Fridays, she hasn't even been in on Fridays for a few weeks now. As she is The Boss' daughter, and I don't particularly care whether she's here or not anyway, I don't ask questions.

This morning she was again not in. I thought nothing of it, figuring maybe she's just taking the entire summer off, because hey, she can. Whatever.

But then, at about 1:30 PM she waltzes in, in shorts and a t-shirt, to do...well...who knows? But whatever her reason was for coming in, she was true to form, and plopped her ass down in the Nazi's office, and the two of them proceeded to chat and whisper for the next 30 minutes. Whisper Friday lives on, ladies and gents. Even when she's not "working", she comes in for her chat sessions. Isn't that nice of her?

I left to go run errands because I couldn't stand the whispering anymore, and when I came back, they had left the Nazi's office. I'm not really sure where either of them is right now, but I'm guessing M.I.A. is upstairs, chatting with her mom, Flakey, and once she's done chatting, she will probably go home.

MUST BE NICE. I'm going back to work.


Beckie said...

I HATE whispering! I guess it is my own insecurities that make me hate it so much, but it is just RUDE. I worked in an office with a couple of office whisperers.

Karina said...

Beckie, whispering truly has to be one of my BIGGEST pet peeves in life. Like you, I think it has to do with my insecurities too, but boy does it EVER piss me off!!