Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Return of LawBoy - Now with Audio?

Alternate title for this post: "Do I have a date next week?"

Intrigued yet? It's really not that exciting, but it is an update on the LawBoy situation.

When we last left off, here, the texts had continued, but as far as I knew, the girlfriend was still in the picture. In the last few months there have been a few additional texts, but nothing revelatory or overly exciting. For the most part, LawBoy texts at some inappropriate hour on a Weekend night, and I either ignore the text until the next day, or I return the text and we engage in a short "how are you" "good how are you" type of text convo. Yeah, real thrilling. This is why I haven't really updated you on the events...there hasn't been a reason to do so.

So, our last text conversation took place two, maybe three weekends ago. He'd texted a random "hello" on Friday night at about 1:00AM, and I happened to be just getting in, so I texted back. We had a short text conversation and then I called it a night. The following evening, around 1:30 AM I receive yet another text. I had just finished watching a movie, so I replied to that effect. This time, however, I didn't really engage in the conversation much, and told him I was heading off to bed, then told him "Try texting me in daylight sometime". He laughed, agreed, and that was that. That was also the last I'd heard from him. Guess daylight wasn't to his liking...didn't really think much of it.

Fast forward to tonight. I went out to a musical (Forever Plaid, I'll do a post on it later) with mom tonight. After the show we decided to grab a late dinner. So, mom and I are just about to pay our bill and my cell phone rings. 11:30, Saturday night...I laugh and say to mom "guess who?" and show her my phone, where LawBoy's name is on the caller I.D. I don't answer, and stick the phone back in my purse.

AND THEN it hits me...

You see it coming don't you?

WAIT...was that an actual phone call as opposed to a text message? It was wasn't it? It was.

Wow...LawBoy hasn't actually "called" me in at least a year, if not two. And not only did he call, but he actually left me a voice mail.

So, I listen to the voice mail: "Hey, it's LawBoy, I just decided to go out tonight, for the first time in a long time, and thought I'd check if you're out and about...give me a call."

For some reason, LawBoy has convinced himself that I "go out" in Boston still. I've told him otherwise, but he often refers to my being "out in Town" in our texts. Whatever.

Anyway, I decide to call him back, because now I'm sort of curious. Remember though, at this point, I'm in my car, and mom is sitting next to me. So I call...Phone rings, LawBoy answers immediately:

LB: Hey! (very happy to answer phone)
Me: Hey stranger.
LB: So, are you out?
Me: sort of, I just had a late dinner with my mom, we went to catch a show, and are now heading home.
LB: OH, well, I tried. I decided I need to go out tonight, and was hoping you were around. I'm trying to find someone's party to crash.
Me: I don't party anymore, LB.
LB: Yeah, I know, I don't much either, late dinners and shows are good fun too though. More my speed nowadays too.
Some more chatter I can't remember...then...
Me: well, LB, it was nice to hear your voice. I was like 'wow, was that an actual voice mail as opposed to a phone call? Does LB actually know how to use a telephone?'
LB: Laughing..."that's wrong, K, that's wrong".
Me: I'm just saying...
LB: No, I've been so busy lately with work...there's so much happening. We need to get together, there's so much I want to tell you.
(And here Candid Karina's heart skips JUST a beat...but then)
LB: "We've got investors, employees"
(so, he's talking about work, right?)
Me: yeah, we should get together, catch up.

I say this because I always say stuff like this, and he says "yeah, we should" or something of the like, and then that's that. But tonight he says:

LB: well, what's next weekend look like for you, you have any plans?
Me: I can't think of anything right now, no.
LB: okay, then pencil me in, let's do something
Me: Okay, email me during the week, let's make plans.
LB: you got it.

And we say our goodbyes. the questions:

1. Did they break up?
2. Is he making a move?
3. Why the phone call after all this time of only texts?
4. Why the plan to make plans after all this time of avoiding the whole subject of getting together?
5. Did they break-up?
6. Does he really want to get together to tell me about work?
7. Will he actually follow through and email during the week to make plans?
8. Do I have a date next week?
9. Did they break up?
10. Am I really this giddy about him? Oh boy...

Inquiring minds want to know.

But right now I'm tired, I've been up since 7AM...I'm going to bed.


qualcosa di bello said...

oooooooo! karina!!! this is very exciting!

did they break up?...hmmmmm, one could assume, & certainly hope so.

do you have a date...sure sounds like one in the making!

i tend to be cautiously optimistic about scenarios like this...keep your feet on the ground & keep us posted!

Beckie said...

The suspense.....

Keep us posted...I have so many questions.

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

Oh how's now a few days later. Any news to share?!

Jannis said...

Im my opinion he is interested in you.

Rebecca said...

Very interesting, now I'm off to read the update in todays post ;-)