Monday, November 22, 2010

Popinjay - Disorganized

This week’s Popinjay prompt is Disorganized: –adjective


functioning without adequate order, systemization, or planning; uncoordinated: a woefully disorganized enterprise.


careless or undisciplined; sloppy: too disorganized a person to be an agreeable roommate.

Let’s be honest, this word pretty much describes me at any one point and time. It’s not that I’m a sloppy person, or that I can’t keep a certain decorum of order. In fact, with my OCD tendencies, I actually like order.

It’s just that I’m too busy all the time.

It’s just that I have too many interests.

It’s just that I can’t seem to say no to anything, that I constantly get excited about new projects, that I’m always digging into something new.

And when I do that, I tend to leave things unfinished. I tend to be too busy to maintain that very order I’m so fond of.

And therefore, I live in a constant state of limbo, or more specifically, disorganization.

But see, I keep lists, and even in my clutter and “mess”, it’s a sort of “organized confusion”. All my piles and bunches make sense to me.

But to a complete stranger, it just looks like a mess.

This is a pile in my home office of things I have to donate, give to friends, etc.

Currently, however, I’m in the process of decluttering my house, and my life. Had I taken a picture of my office a few months ago, you would have gotten a sneak peak into my world of chaos…however, I took it up on myself to go through EVERY ITEM I own, and have seriously reduced the content in that room. I also added some bookshelves, some magazine racks, some further organization odds and ends…and…

Somehow, even in my organization, I’ve still created piles of chaos.

Once again, however, it all makes sense to me…and yet, tonight, when I went to take pictures of my home office I found that for my disorganized office actually looks pretty darn good.

Except for this overflowing bookshelf:

But here's my neatly organized closet:
And my new bookshelves with magazine holders and all:

Oh, and that black thing in the front of that picture? That's an ANCIENT television I have to donate to my church...but it's too heavy for me to carry alone, so it sits RIGHT THERE in the middle of my office, until I can get someone to come over and help me take it to the church...


Stop by Michelle's and see how disorganized everyone else is...go on, it'll make you feel better about your own messes...


Tui Snider said...

I like the photo prompt idea - and "disorganized" is all too easy for me to envision. I'll go check out the link you mentioned...


~michelle pendergrass said...

I know you said our posts were similar--but, uhm, they're identical!!! LOL!!