Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Fun Monday on a Tuesday - What I made this weekend.

So, I missed Fun Monday yesterday, because I was so exhausted I couldn't even think to put a post together. Why was I tired? Well, I helped out on a youth retreat this weekend, and it was crazy busy, I got ZERO sleep, and I had the most amazing time ever.

There are so many things that happened this weekend that I want to share with you, but the words are sort of escaping me. This was a retreat for the confirmation class, a requirement before these kids make their confirmation. See, you hear the word requirement and then you should know what that means. Not one of the 30 plus kids wanted to be there, they were there because they had to be.

We knew we had our work cut out fo us. I was giving a talk on self-acceptance and I was pretty nervous about it. Would they even want to listen to me, never mind relate to anything I was saying? Well, they listened, and not only did they listen, but they REALLY listened. They got it, and I was touched by what some of them said to me after the talk. And that was just the beginning. These kids, who did not want to be there when they arrived, absolutely allowed themselves to be open, and to accept what we had to offer them.

When I tell you that this was one of the most amazing beautiful weekends I have ever experienced, I'm probably understating it. There truly are no words.

But, you came here for my late Fun Monday, didn't you? And here I am going on and on about the teenagers. So, here's what I'm going to do, I'm going to share with you a little bit of this retreat, while I show you something I made. Although, it's actually something "we" made. "We" being members of the team, who worked on recreating the skit I posted here on Friday. I sort of "directed" the whole thing, while my amazing friends acted in it, and my brother, who was recovering from an emergency apendectomy on Friday and still made it to help out on the retreat anyway, filmed it.

Here's what we made for the kids:


ChrisB said...

I was disappointed I couldn't get the video to play properly (it's my computer!). However, from what I read it sounds like all your efforts paid off which makes it all worthwhile.

A Spot of T said...

It's a beautiful video. Those kids should be very very proud!! Thanks so much for sharing it :o)

Rose said...

That was very nice. Nice work.

Julia Phillips Smith said...

Yay! Thanks for posting it! Wishes do come true...

Wonderful job, Karina. It really must have felt good to realize that they youth who attended were open and ready to learn.

Rebecca said...

I have no doubt our future is bright when people like you are molding young minds! :)

(BTW, I have no idea what was wrong yesterday, but for some reason I couldn't see anything beyond the header.)

karisma said...

Its fashionable to be late, don't you know?

I knew if I just kept popping back you would get it up eventually! I thought this is what you might do! Very well done! I have no sound at the moment but will be back tomorrow on my other computer to listen and watch! I did watch the other version the other day!

Unknown said...


I like your new look too!