Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday Tunes - 30 Seconds To Mars

Last time we chatted about music, dear readers, I introduced you to Bruno Mars soulful voice and upbeat r&B style.

This week, we’re going to go a different direction.  A bit of a darker direction perhaps…definitely a little bit heavier.

My music tastes run the gamut, as we’ve discussed, so it should come as no surprise that I would slip from love songs to a little bit of harder edged rock.

This week, I want to talk to you about 30 Seconds to Mars.  The three man band is made up of drummer Shannon Leto, guitarist Tomo Milicevic and lead singer and guitarist Jared Leto.

Before we get to the music let’s just take a second to go back in time…remember that coming of age, angst ridden, teen show “My So Called Life” withClaire Danes

Remember Jordan Catalano with the soulful eyes and so few words? 

Ah yes, THAT Jared Leto.  

He grew up to be a rock star in his own right, and he still has those soulful eyes, but now, the man has words…many many words, and he sings them with a voice that reaches right to the depths of my own soul.

I’m not entirely sure how it is that I discovered 30 Seconds to Mars, but I believe it was with this video about a year or so ago:

The thing to note about this band is that all of their videos are works of art, mini-films if you will.  And I was so intrigued by the whole thing, I simply had to know more.  Also, there was that moment of “double take” where I went, “Wait, is that Jared Leto??” Then I knew I had to know more.

Since then, I’ve become an avid fan, and I can't think of a song of theirs I don't like.

Among them, some of my favorites; Closer to the Edge:

Beautiful Lie:

and the highly controversial video for Hurricane (which I won’t post here only because I don’t want to offend, but if you’re brave, you should totally check it out).

There’s just something about the tortured sound of Jared’s voice, the power in the lyrics, and the strength of the music itself that makes this band one of those that I can’t seem to get enough of lately.

It also doesn’t hurt that theirs is great running music.  I’ve used them as the soundtrack to many of my runs lately.

I realize this type of music isn’t for everyone, but if you like a little bit harder core rock music, with a soul…you’ll love these guys.

Plus, Jared Leto’s eyes? 


Monday, March 28, 2011

Making an Intentional Mess

I fully and completely blame my Twitter buddy Karla for what is about to happen to me.

Lately, I’ve been feeling like I have all this creative energy, but for some reason or another, can’t seem to get my act together to produce, to create, to write.  My blog is continuously abandoned, projects are left barely started at home, and I just look at it all and think “one of these days, when I have the time, when my mind is in the right place, when the conditions are all perfect”…

Then Karla Tweeted this challenge: Making A Mess 

I was immediately intrigued, but when I went to the Amazon page for the book, and saw the video they have posted, I won’t lie, the “Monkish” side of me (you now, that organized, OCD, everything in its place, books are sacred” part of me?) nearly had a heart attack.

And that was when I knew I had to do it.  I had to jump in and join this challenge, because maybe that’s exactly what I need, to completely step out of my comfort zone, and just CREATE a big mess.  So that I can then refocus my energy and be able to CREATE. Period.

So, I ordered the book. I received it on Friday, and plan to start reading it/playing with it tomorrow.

So, here I go, I’m letting go of perfection and making a mess.

Will you join us? Check out the links on Karla’s post, and please do join us, we’d love to have you along for the ride!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday Tunes - Bruno Mars

I love music. I mean, I honestly LOVE music.  I don’t know how anyone can make it through a day without some sort of soundtrack.  I listen to music as I get ready in the morning, while I work, as I drive around town, during my workouts, and before I go to bed.

Good music can easily bring me to tears, make me dance, or put a smile on my face. 

There are artists whose music touches the very depths of my soul.  There are artists whose voices make me swoon, or lose my sense of reality.

There are songs that bring me right back to moments in my personal history.

There are songs that describe what I’m feeling THIS VERY MOMENT so exactly, I think they must have been written for me.

I celebrate with music, I mourn with music, I pray with music.

Music, to me, is nearly as essential as the air I breathe.

And I have the most eclectic taste in music…from rap to rock, from pop to jazz, from country to Christian…

So there is always some new, or new to me, music to discover, and to share with others.

Which is why I’ve decided to do just that here…each week, I’ll introduce you to just a bit of the music I’m loving at the moment…

Not so much "album reviews" although sometimes, that's exactly what it will be, but more "artist reviews" if you will...

To kick it off, this week, I’ll start with an album that’s been on constant replay on my mp3 player for a few weeks.

Bruno Mars.

It's very likely you've already heard of Bruno, or at the very least, you've heard one of his many songs on the radio.

Such as: "Just The Way You Are"

A beautiful ode to a woman, and her perfection, well...just as she is.

Or "Grenade":

A heartbreaking song of loving someone so much, you would do anything for them, even if they, in turn, seem to only abuse and under appreciate you.

And Bruno Mars has also collaborated with some great artists of today, such as, B.O.B. on "Nothin' On You"

and Travie McCoy on "Billionaire" (yes, THAT'S what you know him from).  Warning, the video below is the uncensored not for radio version and contains the F word.

All of these are great songs. But it's some of the lesser known unreleased songs from his album that I've got on constant replay..."Runaway" which is actually a GREAT running song, "The Other Side"...a little bit Michael Jackson "Thriller" a little bit "ode to Twilight", "Count on Me" a happy melody about being there for your friends, and my ultimate favorite "Talking to the Moon" a pretty ballad that showcases the range of his voice and emotion.

So there you have it...an artist I think you should check out.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Popinjay - Deceptive

This week's Popinjay prompt is "Deceptive".  Let me tell you what I hate...when a store, any store, has a "going out of business sale", but the sale is a big huge snow job.  What I mean is...said store advertises BIG CLOSEOUT SALE. Signs everywhere, emails sent to your inbox, signs on the side of the street telling you to come on in and save. Everything must go, therefore, the prices as slashed WAY down.

Everything 20-75% off.

And then you walk in...and you walk around...and there is one shelf with items 75% off. Another shelf with items 50% off.

The rest of the store? is 20-35% off.  Off prices that were already above other store's prices anyway.

So...really? Not a sale...not a bargain...


I hate that.

Monday, March 07, 2011

On Solitude

One of my favorite poems of all time, by one of the most unorthodox poets of all time, e. e. cummings:





Outside the parentheses: loneliness. Inside the parentheses: a leaf falls.

So much said in so few words.

I first read this poem when I was in Jr. High School and it has stuck with me through all my years since then.

I carry it, like I carry loneliness.

Inside me, tucked away, not at the forefront of my mind, but always there, ready to be pulled out at a moment’s notice.

The image of a leaf falling from an autumn tree brings feelings of crisp air, beautiful colors, crunchy pathways. Almost joyful, comforting thoughts.

And yet, so alone, that leaf, falling to its end.

I am blessed in so many ways. I have a wonderful family, the very best friends, a life filled with people, and joy, and love.

Color and sound.

Yet some days…the leaf falls…and loneliness takes over.

There is little to be done on these days but go with the wind, see where it takes me, land slowly, peacefully.

And know that I am bound to land among other leaves…

Tuesday, March 01, 2011