Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cafe Karina - American Idol - The next three finalists

It's week two of the live shows, and tonight is results night. As in last week's episode, last night America voted, and tonight three more finalists will take their seats on those coveted "stools". One guy, one girl, and one other "highest vote getter".

So, without further ado, who will they be?

Well, in true AI fashion, first we need some filler talk, some video montages and some guests and performances...

First the group of 12 perform Neyo's closer. I actually thought they did a really good job, and that's not easy when you have such a large group of completely different voices and styles. Not bad.

After some awkward back and forth banter with Simon, Matt Breitzke and Ryan Seacrest, it's time for the results.

Ryan calls down, first Allison Iraheta, Jesse Langseth and Matt of them is through, the other two are not...and making it through is Allison Iraheta. Good job America, she was one of my favorites last night.

Next it's between Meghan Corkey and Kris either one of them safe? We don't know yet.

Matt Giraud and Jeanine Vailes are one of them safe? They join the other two, and out of these four 1 of them is safe...which bums me out, because I really like Matt and Meghan both...I just keep thinking "wildcard, there are wildcards for later".

We are then told that Jeanine is NOT making it through. Neither is Matt. Will it be Meghan or Kris?

And it's Kris. Which, I'm not entirely sure I agree with, but I do like him, again, with Meghan...wildcards...

So, now there is one spot left, and why is it that I think Nick/Norman is going to make it through?

Another video montage and then Brooke White, former contestant from last season is back to perform her first single "Hold Up My Heart". Eh...I was never a Brooke White

And then it's time for more results. Mishavona, Kai, Nick/Norman, Jasmine and Adam are all lined up and one by one shot down (basically). Mishavona, Kai and Jasmine are sent packing. Which of course leaves us with Nick/Norman and Adam Lambert. Of course...the guy with the actual talent, and this season's, who will it be?

Turns out Simon's prayers have been answerd and Nick/Norman has not made it through, and Adam Lambert has.

Overall, I think America did fairly well...though I'm still holding out hope that maybe Matt Giraud but definitely Meghan will get a wildcard spot.

Twelve more next week...but for now, I'm calling it a night.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cafe Karina - American Idol - Round 2

Well, here we are, it's time for the second group of twelve contestants on American Idol to sing their little hearts out and fight it out for a spot on the Final Twelve this season.

Last week we heard from the first twelve, and America put through Alexis Grace, Michael Sarver and Danny Gokey.

Who will it be this week? We'll find that out tomorrow night, but first they must perform. Again, I'm keeping the recaps very basic until we get to the final 12, because...well, because 36 is just way too many to keep track of.

So here we go:

Jasmine Murray: I like her, and think she has a great voice. She's actually been one of my top pics among the girls from the beginning. That being said, I didn't love her performance tonight. Blame it on song choice, blame it on the arrangement of the song, I don't know. She was good, but just sort blah. Didn't love her.

Matt Giraud: Another of my favorites from the audition process. I think he's soulful and has a fantastic voice, and a little bit of star quality as well. And hey, this was the first time I've ever heard this song (Viva La Vida by Coldplay) that I actually understood the lyrics. I thought he had some really good moments with the song, and I liked the arrangement he chose. It didn't blow me away, but I enjoyed it.

Quick sidenote, which I'll probably repeat throughout the season as I write my recaps. I write these as I watch, and usually write my reviews of the performances before the judes chime in. So, it's always fun to see how much we disagree and at times, how we use the exact same words to describe the performances. Always fun. Anyway, back to the performances.

Jeanine Vailes: Didn't get much airtime during the auditions (I'm not even sure I remember seeing her at all), and tonight's performance? Was horrible. Song choices people, have they learned nothing? Not impressed at all. I actually fast forwarded to the end because I couldn't listen anymore. You know you're in trouble when Paula starts her review with "great legs". Right.

Nick Mitchell a/k/a Norman Gentle: ugh. What kills me about this guy is that he's annoying as all getout, and I don't find him even remotely funny as Norman Gentle. And yet, I think he's hillarious as himself, and he actually has a good voice. But let's be honest, this guy should so NOT still be on the show. Isn't it great then that we know America will most likely vote him through? There's actually a small part of me that wants this guy to win the whole thing because it would force the producers of this show to admit how ridiculous they have become in their search for ratings that they'll let the Norman Gentle's and Tatiana's get this far. But I digress. His performance? Although ridiculous, was the best one so far tonight. No, seriously, I'm not even kidding.

Allison Iraheta: Only 16 and probably the most powerful performance so far this season. It wasn't perfect, and maybe a bit "screechy" but finally one that had me going "okay, she deserves to be up there". Good job girl!

Kris Allen: Where have they been hiding this cutie? He's adorable, isn't he? Just makes you want to get up there and pinch his cheeks. Oh, AND he can sing too. Great performance, he might just have become one of my favorites.

Megan Corkey: She's a spunky little thing, very different and unique with a powerful and beautiful voice. She's got a great personality too that shows through as she's performing on that stage. Sounded great, looked great...I really dug her performance. Fantastic.

Matt Breitzke: The welder. You know...this is where I turn into Simon a little bit, because I think the guy has a good voice, but he doesn't really have that "star" quality about him, and it was really very "Karaoke" or, what's the other thing Simon always says "something you could find at any bar or pub across the country"? Yeah, something like that. Not memorable, I don't think he'll make it through.

Jesse Langseth: Another one we didn't see at all during the audition process. And I just don't think we'll be seeing her again after tonight either. She wasn't terrible, she just wasn't good enough. Not impressed. Another one I hit the fast forward button through a little bit past half-way through.

This is the point in the show where i actually said out loud "can we just finish this thing so I can go to sleep". bad sign...boring show tonight.

Kai Kalama : This guy is so "smooth"...but I can't decide if I find it sexy or cheesy. Is he Enrique Iglesias or Rico Suave? I'm just not sure. That being said, he has a great voice. However, song choice...I thought this song was a terrible choice for him. Eh...not impressed, not really.

Mishavonna Henson: I really like this girl. I thought she put on a brilliant performance. She might have the best voice among the girls so far. Very controlled, but not boring. I really enjoyed it. Bravo.

Adam Lambert: I love this guy, he's completely unique and different, and not the typical American idol contestant because he's a "theatre" guy. But can he deliver on the Idol stage? I'll tell you what, he made me smile. He's definitely a little bit more "out there" and his performance did have that "musical theatre" feel to it, but it was enjoyable and totally made me smile. And he sounded good too. It was WAY fun to watch. I love him.

And that's it, we're all done. I'd say this is tough, because once again we narrow down 12 to 3, but in all honesty, not all that hard because overall, the performances were bland and boring and not memorable. It'll be interesting to see what America does with their votes. And don't forget, there are 3 wildcard spots when all is said and done, so noone's "out" yet.

See you tomorrow night!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Bit of Randomness

Hello my dear readers, how are you all today? It is Monday night as I type this, and usually that would mean that I'd be writing up a Bachelor recap. However, tonight's episode is the "reality television" must-have recap episode prior to the finale. In Bachelor terms, this means a reunion of the girls who have been sent home for a "tell all". So, yes, I'm watching, but not much to recap here, so come on back next week for the recap of the finale.

In the meantime, I thought I'd take this opportunity to do a bit of housecleaning and talk to all of you a bit. It's been a little while since I've posted anything but Bachelor or American Idol recaps, and I feel like we just haven't "talked" in so long. Don't you?

As life will happen, things get busy and blogging seems to get left behind a bit. Still, I love this blogging community and don't think I'll ever stop blogging, because I'd miss you all too much. I'd miss the writing too much as well.

My decision at the beginning of this year was to stop trying so hard to be in control of everything, and just blog as I yes, it means I'm posting less often, but hopefully it just means I'm being more honest with myself and writing only what I feel like writing, be it "fluff" about television shows, or more personal content.

SO, anyway, with that being said, let's talk about the personal stuff.

Dating: Yeah...not really much to report on this front. I took a big step a few weeks ago with the whole "asking GQ out on a date" thing, but he never followed through, so nothing ever happened there. And Coach? He's still adorable, and I totally still have a crush on him, but it's just eye candy at the gym. He's too young for me, and besides, it really is just harmless flirting between the two of us. At the moment, there are no other prospects, but don't count me out just yet, I'm just getting started.

Speaking of the gym, let's talk about that and my weight loss challenge. Because, I don't think I've quite reported back yet to tell you that I DID IT. Did what? I reached my goal. For a few weeks in a row now I've been able to step on a scale and have it read under 125lbs. Since my goal is to maintain between 120 and 125, I'm there! I can't even begin to tell you how absolutely exciting and amazing this trip has been for me. I have lost over 25 pounds since August 27, 2008. When I began this journey, I honestly did not think I'd make it here. I thought maybe I'd lose 10 pounds or so, and hey, that would be good, right? But to have gotten back to my college body? It's a dream, and I'm so thrilled to have done it. Now, of course, the challenge is to maintain it. So, even though I've made it, it's not over yet, in fact, this is just the beginning, isn't it? The beginning of my new lifestyle. So, although I'm back to eating a little less "strictly", I'm still (and forever) going to watch what I eat, and I'm definitely still hitting the gym, and making that a routine part of life. Right now I'm on a 26 day mission to work on my abs. Why 26 days?

WELL, I'm going on a cruise at the end of March, and I have 26 days to get this new "lighter" body to also be a little more toned, so that I can wear a bikini. This will be the first time since I was probably 12 years old that I'll be in a bikini, so I am on a serious mission to get some more definition in my abs. I'm not expecting miracles, just a little more tone. I'll let you know how that all works out. ;-)

Oh, you want to know about the cruise? My friend Traveller and I are taking a Caribbean cruise to San Juan, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, St. Thomas and Turks and Caicos. I am insanely excited to be taking this trip, and can't wait to be lounging poolside on a cruise ship. It's been 7 years since the last time I took a cruise, and it was honestly one of my favorite vacations ever, so i can't wait. Of course, I will take lots of pictures, and lots of notes, so that I can come back and tell you all about it and share it all.

What else has been going on? Oh, I'm loving my new car. I've decided I'm definitely a "car" girl, not an "SUV" girl. Not much more to say about that except that yes, I do love it.

Everything else in life is good. Work is busier than normal, but this is a good thing, I like busy. My friends, my family, the church and the youth group keep me busy and happy and satisfied.

And then there's my writing. I'm still not writing at the level that I wanted to be at this point but I'm working toward it. And on that note, I have a new post up at Inspired Bliss today, and I'd love you to go check it out, if you would?

There you have it, a bit of what's going on in the life of Candid Karina. What's going on with you?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cafe Karina - American Idol - The first three finalists

Yesterday I gave you a quick recap of the live performances of the first twelve contestants. I held nothing back, told you who my favorites were, and who it was that I thought were less than stellar.

But, tonight it's not about what I think, it's about what America thinks. And for the record, I don't vote for American Idol contestants. Pretty much EVER unless I feel really strongly about someone. I just sit back, watch, share my opinions with you all, and hope America doesn't screw up too badly.

So, that being said, who will make it through tonight? Three people will make it to the top 12 this week. The guy and the girl with the highest votes, and the third highest vote getter. But that does not mean all hope is lost for the remaining 9, because there are 3 Wild Card spots left to be filled at the end of these three weeks, so they just need to sit tight and wait...

Let's get to the results, shall we? Ryan does his usual bit of stalling and torturing the contestants, but I'll skip right to who stays and who goes, because otherwise I might be forced to start talking about how much Tatiana annoys me and how Ryan's jokes about Simon aren't funny and just fall yeah, results...

Not making it to the top 12 tonight are Casey Carlson, Stephen Fowler.

The first one making it through is Alexis Grace, the girl with the rockstar name.

Also not making it through: Ricky Braddy and Jackie Tohn, and Anoop Desai.

Michael Sarver, the "roughneck" has made it through. (and here I say a little "YAY" because I love him).

So, there is one more spot, America, what did you do? Did you do it right and put Danny Gokey through, or is the Sanjaya curse in full swing and has Tatiana made it over him? UGH...let's just get to it before I get sick thinking about it...

But first a quick visit from Michael Johns and Carly from last season, singing "The Letter". Hmmm...Michael Johns...yummy.

Back to the results, not making it through as well Stevie Wright, Brent Keith and Anne Marie Boskovitch.

Which leaves us right where I thought it would...with Danny Gokey and Tatiana Del Toro. SERIOUSLY? UGH...please let's just get it over with.

And I breathe a high sigh of relief, not just because Danny Gokey has made it through, but because the odds of Tatiana getting one of those three wildcard spots? Well, I sure hope they are slim...

There you go...That's American Idol this week.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cafe Karina - American Idol - The Live Shows Begin

I love American Idol. LOVE LOVE LOVE this show. I love the talent, love the music, love the emotions of the show. The real show, the actual singing portion of the show. Not the ridiculous audition process, with the insane contestants and the over the top costumes, but the talent, the singing.

So, this week I finally get excited, because starting tonight, the singing begins.

That being said, AI is not without it's faults, because it is a reality show looking to keep it's ratings high, and as much as I'm all about the talent, there are a lot of people out there who watch for the shennanigans instead. Those people are the ones who voted week after week to keep Sanjaya in, and for them, we have the Tatian'as and Norman whatshisface's of the world.

Still, even though I expect to be fully annoyed by the twists and turns of the show, I'm still really looking forward to the talent. And I'm looking forward to blogging about it all here, discussing it and arguing it all with you.

This season they're narrowing it down to our top 12 a little differently, breaking the remaining 36 constestants down to three groups of 12, and letting America vote. Each week the girl and guy with the highest votes will move on, along with the third highest vote getter (be they male or female), after 3 weeks, that leaves us with 9 finalists, and three "wildcard" spots to be filled, I assume, by the judges picks.

Tonight's group of 12 already contains some of my favorites, so I'm already expecting to be disappointed in the very first week by having some of them not make it through. That being said, I'll hold tight for those "wildcard" spots, hoping they'll save the ones who are unjustly voted off.

I won't begin my "recaps" in earnest until the top 12 because it'll just be too much to keep up with, with 36 contestants. But, here are my quickie thoughts on tonight's performances:

Jackie Tohn: What the hell was she wearing? Damn, the 80's are back. Her performance? Was good. Not great, not good enough in my opinion, but good. She's original, I'll give her that. She could be fun on the show,

Ricky Braddy: Who is this guy? Poor guy, he got no face time during the weeks leading up to this show, so that's a mark against him, he's really got to deliver in his performance. And that he does. I don't know if it'll be enough to keep him in the game with the fans, but he was fantastic.

Alexis Grace: This girl has a rockstar's name already, and she has a great look too, but does she have enough to win the fans over? Unfortunately, her performance didn't win me over. She has a great voice, and I think she's adorable, but the song and the way she chose to sing it just didn't do it for me. And I wasn't loving the nightie she was wearing on stage either. She had a great finish, but I'm not sure it made up for the rest of the song. Of course, the judges loved her, so, here it begins, the dissent. I never do agree with the judges.

Brent Keith: As if he wasn't nervous enough, his tape breaks and he almost has to go on without the little "video" introduction. I like this guy, and he's certainly easy on the eyes. And his performance was good, but not particularly exciting or unique. I was waiting for Simon to say it was something you'd hear at any corner bar with the house band. He didn't, but he did say he was forgettable. Which, I sort of agree with...sorry Brent.

Stevie Wright: OOOH...ouch. Yikes. The girl broke under the pressure, this was a BAD performance. Just bad...and it's not that she's not talented, but...yikes.

Anoup Desai: I like this guy, and I think he's got a good voice, but this performance was weak and bland. I don't really have much more to say...

Casey Carlson: is adorable. But she was kind of weird on stage. I dont know what it was, but it was weird, with the winking and the the facial expressions and...and the song? Was a crap choice.

Michael Sarver: I LOVE this guy. LOVE HIM. I just think he's a genuine guy who you just want to know as a person. And I love his voice. That being said...I didn't love his performance. It was okay, but just that...okay.

Anne Marie Boskovitch: Hmm...yeah...I don't know. She's not bad

Stephen Fowler: has a beautiful soulful voice. But I don't know if it was song choice or what it was, tonight was not his night. It just didn't work, he was "pitchy dawg".

Tatiana Del Toro: Ugh, do I have to? No, really, do I have to? I can't do it. With the dramatics and the melodrama and the crying and the ugh...I don't know why this girl is still on the show, and I know she'll be this year's Sanjaya and I'll have to put up wit her week after week and...oh, I so don't want to...and here's the worst part...her performance tonight? Was actually pretty damn good. Probably one of the best of all the girls in fact. No, I have to?

Danny Gokey: Finally. Let me just put this out there, this guy? MY PICK from the minute he walked in the audition room. I love him, think he's amazing and talented and beautiful and want him to win it all. I'm saying it now, he's my favorite. This performance this week? Beautiful, flawless, LOVED IT.

If this guy doesn't get the highest votes of the night, there's no justice. That's all.

And that's where I'll end this week 12 more perform and tomorrow we find out which three from tonight will make it through to the top 12.

I'll be back then...

Monday, February 16, 2009

Cafe Karina - The Bachelor - And then there were two

This week on The Bachelor, Jason and the three final ladies are in New Zealand. Beautiful scenery and backdrop to falling in love, don't you think?

So, will this trip help Jason make up his mind which of these women he wants to spend the rest of his life with? We'll see.

For his first date in New Zealand, Jason picks Jillian up in a helicopter and takes her for a mountain top picnic. They have great conversation and appear to be having a good time, but Jason keeps telling the camera that he wants "passion" and it's apparent he's not feeling it with her. The conversation, the connection, the friendship is there, but if the passion is not, can it work? I'm a firm believer that if there's no "spark" it just doesn't work. You can't fake passion and it's necessary in order for a relationship to work. It can't be all passion, but it is necessary.

But, by the end of the evening the two decide to spend the night in the "fantasy suite", and hey, maybe there is something there. You can't fault the guy for trying right? yeah, we won't go there...

The next day Jason has a date with Molly. He takes her to a bridge that has "The best view in New Zealand" and tells her they're bungee jumping. Okay folks, I don't care how much I care about a man, bungee jumping? NOT HAPPENING, EVER. I'm just sayin'. But Molly? Scared as she was totally went for it. Good for her. After the jump, over lunch, Molly pulls out a LONG list of questions for Jason, everything from his favorite flavor of ice cream to his favorite holiday. At first I thought it was weird, but then as she got into the questions I realized what a brilliant idea she had. Those little things are so important to know, and they say so much about your personality...very smart of Molly. Jason seemed to have fun answering the questions, but he states that "Fun is always easy with Molly", he wants to know if she can get serious. So, over dinner, the conversation definitely gets more serious and Molly tells Jason she thinks she's falling in love with him.

This is one cruel twisted show, isn't it? I mean, here's this guy, and these three girls, all spilling their hearts to him, letting themselves fall in love with him, and in the end, two of them are going home empty handed, very soon too. Twisted, right?

Jason's final New Zealand date is with Melissa and as much as Jason is into her, he still hasn't met her family, and for a guy like Jason, this is a big deal. Can he get past it? Jason takes Melissa out on Winston Churchill's old boat for a sail around the lake, taking in the beautiful scenery. I think of all the girls, Jason feels the strongest connection with Melissa, I think from the beginning she's kind of been the one he's kept in his back pocket, the one he's always felt that extra spark with. But the family thing is definitely an issue for him. Only time will tell if it will be a bit enough issue to keep her from winning her man. Melissa does, however, take advantage of their time together to reveal to Jason that she has fallen in love with him.

And then, it is time for the final rose ceremony. Because after this, it is not a rose, it is an engagement ring. One of the three women is about to get her heart broken tonight however, which one will it be? If I had to call it, I'd say Jillian was the one going home this time, call it a hunch...but I'll tell you what, Jason's got one tough call to make, because these really are some great girls, aren't they? And I still think Jason's quite the catch, reality television or not, I can see how these girls have fallen for him in such a short time. Heck, I fell for him just watching him on the Bachelorette. Well, yeah, okay...not so much.

Moving on, Jason delivers a heartfelt speech before handing out the final two roses. The first rose goes to Melissa, confirming my suspicions that she's definitely on track to get that ring. And then the final rose goes to Molly, meaning that yes, it is in fact Jillian who will be going home this week.

Jason walks Jillian out and tells her that although he cares for her, their lives are too different and also that he didn't feel the "and more" in addition to the "best friend" feelings. It is a tortuous, sad goodbye, with lots of tears and emotion. And it's not just Jillian shedding the tears. As she drives away, Jason breaks down himself. This show is definitely cruel and twisted.

So, there it is, the final two girls are Molly and Melissa, but before we can find out who he picks, next week we have a reaunion show, to find out ome behind the scenes information, some dirt from the women he didn't choose.

Then in two weeks we'll find out which girl will be the one Jason chooses for his wife. But before that can happen, DeAnna shows up to stir things up. The dramatic return of the girl who broke Jason's heart is sure to bring out all sorts of emotions...I told you, this show is CRUEL and twisted...

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Single Girl's Guide to Valentine's Day

So, here it is, just a couple of days away, Valentine’s Day. The day of roses and chocolate hearts, candlelit dinners are expensive jewelry gifts. A day for lovers and romantics alike.

But you? You’re single.

Therefore, by all accounts, you should stock up on your favorite flavor of ice-cream, some sappy romance movies, a bottle of wine and a box of tissues, because you, my dear, are spending Saturday night at home, feeling sorry for yourself.



Because you are single, but you are not bitter, depressed, lonely, miserable and pathetic. In fact, the other 364 days out of the year, you are actually an intelligent, successful, stylish, independent FIERCE woman. A woman who walks with her head held high, proud of her accomplishment and prepared to take on the world. Single or not, dating or in between relationships, you KNOW who you are, and you love being that girl. You’ve got it all together, and if a man hasn’t come along just yet to realize what a perfect catch you are? Well, that’s just fine with you, because you know that when, and if, it is your time, you’ll get the catch of the century. And until then, you’re perfectly comfortable in your own skin, living life as it comes at you.

But, Valentine’s Day is here, and with it, the insecurities, the expectations, the disappointments. Because no matter how fiercely independent we single girls are, on Valentine’s day, everyone wants to receive roses at work.

As a bonus, this particular Valentine’s Day happens to fall on Saturday, so, if you want to go the route of ice cream and tissues, you can. You don’t need to show up to work, and you won’t even have to watch your coupled up co-workers receive flowers at their desks. The single-girl gods are smiling down upon you this year.

But, how do you survive another “lover’s holiday” as a single girl? Here are some ideas.

There is, of course, the option of just going about your day, ignoring the fact that it is Valentine’s day, not paying much attention to the hype of a Hallmark created holiday. That is an option, but let’s be honest, you’re not deaf, blind or dumb, and you are well aware what day it is.

So, let’s go ahead and embrace the day, turn Valentine’s Day into your very own cause for celebration.

Gather the troops - Round up your other single girl friends and hey, if you have them, single guy friends, single gay friends, whatever, after all, you’re all on the same boat, right? Be it one, or ten, make a date, and set only one rule: No “Woe is Me” mentality allowed this evening.

Get dressed up – Everyone knows that when you look good, you feel good. So do it up. Dress to the nines, dress to impress, dress to kill.

Have a plan – Due to the nature of the beast, restaurants, movie theatres and perhaps even bars and clubs will be crowded tonight. Plan ahead, make reservations where necessary, buy tickets in advance, be prepared. Select a movie that you can enjoy without having to share the room with a bunch of lovey dovey couples, because even those of us most secure in our singledom are bound to be affected by obvious displays of affection and romance. Choose a restaurant with more of a fun vibe, versus the candles on the table, violinist in the corner type.

Seek alternatives – Think of all the places you’d love to go on a romantic valentine’s date. Got them? Good. Now cross those off your list. Think of the places you know most husbands and boyfriends would love to take their dates but know better than to even attempt it for fear of spending a week in the doghouse. Got those? Yep, that’s exactly where you want to go. That hockey game, action flick, paintball tournament you heard about? Odds are the crowd at these places is either going to be single men, (and women), or couples who are not so much in the lovey dovey stage of their relationship, so they’ll be fun to be around, Valentine’s Day or not. Yes, I know this sounds sexist and gender role prejudiced or whatnot, but let’s be honest, it’s Valentine’s Day and even the sportiest of girls is expecting to be treated to a romantic dinner at a nice restaurant on this day if she has a man in her life.

Try something new – always wanted to try sky diving, pottery making, or snow shoeing? Always wanted to check out that new dance club, take a drive out to that weird diner, or attend that midnight showing of Buffy the Musical? Tonight’s the night. You’re breaking tradition already by not letting the holiday turn your Saturday into a “mopey” day, so add a new adventure to your list. What have you got to lose?

Have fun – this is the most important thing. No matter what it is you decide to do tonight, make it fun. After all, you passed on the option to stay home and sulk, didn’t you? So, enjoy yourself.

A few don’ts:

- Don’t wear all black and refer to the day as “Black Saturday”, it’s not going to do anybody any good.

- Don’t send yourself flowers. There’s nothing wrong with buying fresh flowers for your home, or desk, but if you do it today, you’re just going to feel pathetic when you get them with the card signed “you know who”…yes, you know who, and really, it didn’t work to make you feel better, did it?

- Don’t indulge in the ice cream/chocolate/comfort food myth. All you’ll gain from these is an extra 2 lbs you don’t need.

- Don’t hunt for a last minute date just so you can have one. It’ll put unnecessary pressure on both of you, and it’s a waste of what could otherwise be a perfectly good first date.

- Don’t hang out with that one friend, you know the one, who is going to spend the entire evening bitching and moaning about not having a boyfriend AGAIN this year. Leave her at home with the ice cream and the romantic comedies.

- Don’t, whatever you do, watch romantic comedies that evening. Honestly, why would you do that to yourself?

- Don’t hesitate to give out your number to the cute guy in front of you at the hockey game, or send a drink to that other one, watching you from across the bar. Just because you’re single this Valentine’s Day, doesn’t mean you can’t be celebrating an anniversary this time next year.

-Don’t worry, this day only comes once a year, and as much as you may think you’re going to have a miserable time, just remember one thing, it’s not any better for your coupled off friends. Or did you forget all the fights and disagreements this holiday caused your past relationships? See? You’re bound to have a better time if you just put your mind to it.

SO get to it! And then come back here and tell me how you spent your V-Day. Oh, and for those of you in relationships? I want to know how you spent your V-Day too, good, bad or ugly, I promise I won’t judge. ;-)

As far as what THIS single girl will be doing? I'm taking my own advice, I'm heading to a college hockey game with a group of single girl friends. Dinner, flirting with college boys, and just having a good ol' fashioned girl's night out. How can that NOT be a good night?

Monday, February 09, 2009

Cafe Karina - The Bachelor - Meet the Parents

I've been REALLY sick the past few days and am just now beginning to feel better, so today's Bachelor recap is going to be short, sweet and to the let's get to it...this week, Jason is going home with the final four girls to meet their families.

First up he goes up to Alberta, Canada to meet up with Jillian and meet her family. She shares some family secrets with Jason, and I begin to see that there could definitely be something there with the two of them. I've always liked Jillian, she's spunky, and fun, and real, but now I really like them together. And her parents and family? Oh, I love them. They're adorable. Real, down to earth, fun. Very fitting for Jason.

Next up is Molly's family. They too are a lot of fun, and instantly fall in love with Jason themselves. And I like Molly, but I don't see her being "the one" for him. They have lots of fun together, but I don't see the "it" there...whatever "it" is, it ain't there. I mean, I suppose it could be, but I don't see it.

And then it was time for Naomi and her family. Naomi I like as well, but with her, I definitely don't see it. As much as she tries to convince herself and Jason that she's "ready" for the family life, I don't think she is, and I think Jason has his doubts as well. And then there's her family...and the dead dove...that they decide to bury when Jason is there...and have him give the eulogy...uh...right! Run, Jason, run...far far away...between the dead dove, and mom's psychic visions, and dad's Jesus talk (don't get me wrong, I'm all about Jesus, but dude came on STRONG and Jason looks totally freaked out). Just as freaked out as he did when mom was talking to him about reincarnation. Uh...yeah...

And finally it's Melissa's turn. I love Melissa. She's been one of my favorites for him from the very beginning. However, Melissa drops a bomb on Jason. Her parents are not comfortable meeting Jason on camera, so he'll be meeting her friends instead. So, will this hurt her chances with him? Family is important to Jason, and meeting their families is an important part of his decision making process. So, how will this go? Jason meets her friends, two couples and their kids, and they all seem to get along really well. But, when Jason finds out that none of Melissa's friends have ever met her parents either, he gets concerned. Until Melissa explains that her parents are just very private people. Food for thought for Jason, for sure.

And then it was time for Jason to make his decision...time for the rose ceremony...who would Jason send home?

After some deliberation, Jason is ready to hand out the roses, and the first goes to Molly. Next up is Jillian, and finally, Melissa. It is Naomi who will be going home. No shocker there for me.

And that's it folks for this week. Next week the final three head to New Zealand with Jason for the romantic overnight dates. It's getting close to the end, which means the drama is bound to get heightened.

What do you think...who's your' pick for Jason?

Friday, February 06, 2009

Only The Good Friday - GO RED

Today is Friday, time for Good Cheer! Everyone loves a Friday right? Shelly has made them even better by starting this movement of blogging about only good things on Fridays, and I’ve joined her for quite a few weeks now.

This week, I have many good things to share (especially since I wasn’t able to post last week).

So, let’s start with the personal stuff. My brand new car!

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was going to begin looking for a new car, and I’m happy to report that last Friday I picked up my new toy.

Ain’t she pretty? It’s a brand new 2009 Subaru Legacy, and my very first brand new car ever. It is my 5th car since I started driving, and the first one that doesn’t come to me with a litany of problems created by its former owner. I’m very much enjoying the “new car smell” each time I get into it too.

I also realized upon picking this car up that I am definitely a “car” girl, not an SUV girl. I never really “fit” the Rav4, and don’t even miss it a little bit. I did, however, love driving my Grand Am which I had before that…so, yes, folks, I’m a car girl. And this car? OH, how I love this car!

I also just had a remote starter installed in my new baby, and oh, how spoiled I am now…

Moving onto more good stuff, last week I also booked a cruise. My friend Traveler and I will be sailing the Caribbean at the end of March, and I can hardly stand it, I’m so excited. I went on my first cruise almost 7 years ago, and thought it was the best way to vacation ever, so I am beyond excited for this trip.

I am also on a mission. With my recent weight loss, I’ve set goals along the way, and am happy to say that so far, I’ve managed to reach each one successfully. Well folks, I’m setting a new goal. I plan on doing something for this cruise that I have not done since I was probably 12 or 13 years old. What is it, you ask? Wear a bikini. I will not wear a one piece bathing suit on this cruise. I’ve worked hard to lose the weight, and now need to step it up in the gym to get in the shape required to get into a bikini, but damn it, I’m going to do it. This is a good thing, because it motivates me to really get to the gym and get in shape.

Speaking of which, last night I was able to do a 45 minute, 5 mile run on the elliptical machine. Considering that at the start of my exercise program I was doing maybe a 30 minute mile (and nearly passing out from the exertion) I’m pretty damn proud of myself.

Not just because of the fact that I’m getting into shape, but because I’m taking control of my health. Which segues quite nicely into my final good thought for the day.

Are you wearing RED today? Because today is “National Go Red Day”, a day dedicated to raise awareness for good heart health, specifically for women. I’m wearing my red, and I’m doing my part, telling you to go
here learn more about heart disease (the number one killer of women in this country), and educate yourself, so you can better yourself.

Stay healthy, and have a good…FABULOUS Friday! (and go visit
Shelley for more Goodness).

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

All The Boys - Follow Through

It was never about him anyway. GQ, I mean. That whole thing about asking him out? It was never about him, it was always about me. About whether or not I could/would actually do it.

And you know what? I SO did it.

Let me back up a bit.

Previously on
Candid Karina’s Dating Mis-Adventures, we talked about crushes. We talked about my cliché’d crush on Coach, the personal trainer at my gym, and then we talked about GQ, the car salesman. The one I was hoping I’d have enough guts to actually ask out for a drink.

To be honest, even though I felt I really didn’t have much to lose by asking him out, I still didn’t really think I’d have the guts to follow through and do it.

And yet, when he called a few days later to follow up on the car sale, I found myself feeling brave. After a brief explanation of why I would not be purchasing my car through his dealership, GQ proceeded to give me a good natured hard time. “After all the work I put in for you, you’re not going to buy a car through me? That’s just wrong.”

After informing him (also good naturedly) that nobody asked him to do any work on my behalf, I also told him that I did feel badly, but that’s just the way it would be.

“You should feel bad, it’s not right”, he said flirting
“I do…I tell you what” said I, taking a deep breath and plunging in “let me make it up to you, let me take you out for a drink”.


GQ: (after a pause) You want to take me out for a drink?”
Me: Yeah, I can’t buy my car from you, so the least I can do is buy you a drink, don’t you think?”
GQ: Yeah, absolutely, that sounds great. I gave you my cell number, right?
Me: Yes
GQ: Cool, call me sometime.

And then GQ got all professional again, as if his manager was standing over him listening in…all about the car, blah blah blah.

I gave him a break, figuring he was at work and I would call him later in the week. No worries, right?

Less than a half hour later, however, I received a text message from GQ: “I’m free this weekend”.

SWEET! Yes, I’ve still got IT.

I replied “This weekend is a bit insane for me, but I could do Sunday?” (note the question mark)
GQ: You tell me.

So far so good, right? And then my friend Traveller reminds me that Sunday was Superbowl Sunday. Now, to me that means absolutely nothing, I don’t watch football all that often and New England wasn’t in the Superbowl, so I had zero interest in that game. However, I realize most people don’t feel the same way I do, so I figured I should address this, in case he had Superbowl plans already, you know? So a quick text was sent to the effect of “Just realized Sunday is Superbowl, does that still work for you?”

And that, ladies and gents, is where the trail ends.

I received another phone call from GQ the next day, but it was all business. Dude was still trying to convince me to come buy my car at his dealership. The conversation was pleasant enough, but it ended without a sale on his end. When he realized I was definitely going elsewhere, he said “Well, okay, that’s all I was calling about”.

Well, isn’t that nice? Okay then, still no response to my last text from the previous evening, but he then ended the call with “Call me sometime”.

I haven’t.

No particular reason why I have not. I just haven’t felt like it. I, quite obviously, don’t have a problem with a woman making the first move. I do, however, have a problem with doing all the work. I put myself out there. He showed interest. And then he fizzled out.

If he’s waiting for me to do all the work, eh…I’ve lost interest. It’s not that I would mind calling him, or following up. It’s just that he sort of left me hanging, and…I just don’t feel the need to put myself out there yet again without some kind of encouragement from his end.

Does that make sense?

And besides, as I said at the start of this post, it wasn’t really about him anyway. It was about me.

If we had connected and gone out for a drink, that would have been a nice bonus, but it wasn’t about the outcome so much as it was about the actual act of asking him out.

Because I did it. How much do I rock for that?

Monday, February 02, 2009

Cafe Karina - The Bachelor - Going to Seattle

There are five women left, and they're going to Jason's hometown in Seattle for two one-on-one dates, and a group date.

The ladies pack up and head out to see where Jason is from. Jason, on the other hand, is going to spend some quality time with his son Ty.

Jillian, Stephanie, Mellisa, Molly and Naomi are staying in a fancy hotel suite. Melissa is told she gets the first date of the week, a one on one with Jason. She's all excited for a night out on the town, all dressed up and ready to go. But Ty has different plans, he doesn't want his dad to leave him. So, change of plans, Melissa head's over to Jason's house to hang out for a night in, instead. She doesn't even hesitate, accepts the change, and even cleans up after the boys when she gets to the house.

Once Jason has managed to put Ty to sleep, he finally joins Melissa. Jason doesn't want any of the girls to meet his son yet, but he lets Melissa "peak in" and watch him sleep.

Meanwhile, the other four girls are freaking out because they are all jealous that Melissa is on the ONE date they all really want to experience. The laid back, at home, with his son there, date.

Stephanie, Jillian and Molly will be going on the group date next. On their date, Jason takes them on a bit of a tour of Seattle by boat. He pulls Stephanie aside for a chat, and I still don't "see" it. They have the "kid" thing in common, but, I just don't see it. I don't know...

After the boat ride, Jason takes the girls to a radio station, to appear on a radio show. Jason is on the radio, the girls are in a soundproof studio, able to see, but not hear. Meanwhile, Melissa and Naomi are listening back at the hotel.

Jason is blindfolded and kisses all three girls to figure out who is who, and he nails that piece. Then the girls are asked what their "bedroom style" is and a few othe random questions before the radio show is over, and the girls are taken out to dinner at the hotel restaurant.

Then it is time for Jillian to have her one on one chat with Jason. For the first time, probably, Jillian really shares her heart and gets all serious.

And then Molly gets her one on one time as well, and they go for a walk and have a nice chat about family.

Finally, it is time for Naomi's one on one date. They are taking a flight over Seattle on a little seaplane. After their flight, the two go rock climbing. And then it is time for a romantic indoor picnic of fondue and getting to know each other some more.

And that pretty much concludes date time in Seattle. Jason hen has to decide which girl he'll be sending home at th rose ceremony, so he drops in on the girls, to chat with the girls a little further. He wants to chat with Jillian and make sure he's not about to get his heart broken again. He feels that if there is a girl that could break his heart, she is that one. I feel that their one on one showed a different side of Jillian, one that may just be ready for the serious nature of the relationship he's looking for. Just maybe.

And then it is decision time and Jason is nowhere near ready to make the decision about which girl is going home. But a decision must be made, and finally, it is time for the rose ceremony.

The four girls who will receive roses tonight, will be taking Jason home to meet their families in their hometowns. But Jason is known for breaking the rules, and he pulls Naomi aside to chat with her before the scratch that...AT the ceremony. He needs to know if she feels "ready" for the life he has. And then they go back in and it is time for his decision.

So, the first rose goes to Jillian, the next to Melissa, the third to Molly, and with one rose left, who will it be? Naomi or Stephanie? And the shocker is that he gives the rose to Naomi, sending Stephanie, the single mom, home. But not before he breaks down telling her why he is sending her home. And EVERYONE is crying, Stephanie, Jason, the's tears all around.

But Jason just doesn't "feel" it, the spark just isn't there...I called it, y'all...I just didn't see it.

And that's it for this week folks...four girls left, what will happen next week? And is this the week DeAnna will show up to stir things up? Stay tuned...