Thursday, April 13, 2006

Silly Poem

(Originally written on April 11)

So, I went away this weekend. Actually, I went away on Saturday morning and came back Sunday afternoon. Just a mini-getaway, had a lovely time. But while I was gone, my friend Chan stayed at my place. Her place was being renovated and she needed somewhere to crash, and shower. So I put her in charge of feeding Calla Lily, and playing with her. Calla is a very temperamental cat, and she doesn't exactly love every one of my friends, but Chan she adores. It could be because she was actually the one to pick her up from her litter, and keep her for that first weekend, when I was actually away, before I finally brought her home. She knows her. When Chan was over Friday night, Calla was all over her, purring and cuddling and loving the attention. I knew she was in good hands.
Well, it turns out that Calla proceeded to hide all day Saturday, into Sunday morning. Chan barely saw her the whole time, and when I came home, she hadn't even eaten her dinner from the night before. I told you she was temperamental. Anyway, I'm not much for inspiration these days, and yet I found myself penning a very silly, and not really all that great poem about this phenomenon that is my cat. Could be because I've hit "the wall" at work for today and needed something mindless to do. Either way, here it is:
Calla Missed Me

She pokes her head around the corner
And slowly, carefully walks in the room
She sniffs, she taps quickly with a long outstretched paw
And then she purrs and entwines herself between my feet.

I’m home again.

As if she sensed my absence, she didn’t eat
Didn’t come out to play, I’m told
She hid all weekend, they don’t know where
But now I’m here, so she can be bold

She bounces in, and out of the room
Follows every step I take
Jumps on the couch, cuddles on my lap
Jumps down again, wild at play

She leaves me be, off to her hiding spaces
But now and again, pokes her head around
Jumps in the room, grabs at my arm
Then leaves again, cause it’s okay

I’m home again.