Friday, July 25, 2008

The ABC's of Me - With Photos

I was tagged by Frigga quite a while ago with this ABC Meme, and I didn't forget about it so much as I just haven't been posting all that much lately. But I figured this would be a good post for a rainy Friday...

A is for: Attached or Single? Single and always loving it, but…as I mentioned in pretty much every single one of my “The Bachelorette” recaps at CafĂ© Karina…if anyone has Jason’s number, I’m willing to change that status for him.

B is for: Best Friend? All my friends are the best.
C is for Cake or pie? Pie, although, I much prefer mousse, chocolate mousse…YUM

D is for: Day of choice? Saturday for sure, get up when I want, go to bed when I want, do what I want in between…I love me some Saturdays!

E is for: Essential item? Just one? Cell phone. My life is in that phone, and wait till I get a blackberry or palm treo or something of the sort…I’ll be unstoppable then!

F is for: Favorite color? I do not have a favorite color, per se, but lately I’m quite partial to jewel tones, that deep purple that’s so in vogue, the emerald green…those colors

G is for: Gummy bears or worms? Neither, I’ll take Sour Patch Kids please!

H is for: Home town? I don’t know, I suppose I’ll go with Lowell, Massachusetts, because that’s where I spent my formative (i.e. teen) years…

I is for: Favorite indulgence? are by far my favorite indulgence

J is for: January or July? Always July…can it be July for a few more months?

K is for: Kids? LOVE kids. I especially love other people’s kids, because at the end of the day? You get to give them back and go home to your nice quiet kid free condo! ;-)

L is for: Life isn’t complete without? Love. And by love I mean faith, friends, family, all the really important things

M is for: Marriage date? You never know, that might actually happen in this lifetime, but first we need to work on the letter A above.

N is for: Number of brothers and sisters? One biological brother, Candid Brother himself (seen here with a "friend"). One lil’ sis through Big Brother Big Sister: Lil' K

O is for: Oranges or Apples? Mangos. WHAT? No one said I had to play by the rules.

P is for: Phobias? Ledges…not so much heights, but the “edge” of high (and not necessarily high) places freak me right out. And being underwater…can’t do it, won’t do it…EVER.

Q is for: Quotes? “What you think of me is none of my business” - Terry Cole-Whitaker; “If you think you are too small to make an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito." - Anita Rodick

R is for: Reasons to smile? All of the above, all of the below, the many many blessings in my life. Oh yeah, and chocolate.

S is for: Season of choice? Summer, Summer, Summer!!!! And just in case you missed it…SUMMER.

T is for: Tag 5 people: Sorry folks, I'm not tagging, but I'm inviting you to do this meme if you want to...I think you'll enjoy it.

U is for an Unknown fact about me: Oh come on, my life is an open book! No? Okay, let’s see…I don’t drink soda…ever. Not for health reasons or any of that, I just don’t like carbonation in my drinks.

V is for: Vegetable? I love veggies, spinach, tomatoes, broccoli, green beans, snap peas, you name it, I probably like it…veggies are great!

W is for: Worst habit? Picking at my acne in my sleep. Yes, I know it’s gross, I don’t do it consciously…and besides, why am I still getting acne in my 30’s anyway?? Sheesh!

X is for: X-ray or Ultrasound? UM…yes, I’ve had both done…is that the question?

Y is for: Your favorite food? You should know by now (or you will learn anyway) that I suck at picking favorites…there’s no way I can do it, especially with food…and shoes…and people…and colors…and places and…

Z is for: Zodiac sign? FISHES…ironic for someone deathly afraid of being underwater, doncha think?

Z is for: Which zoo animal is your favorite? TWO Z’s?? And again with the favorites. It’s a toss- up between the wild cats (any of them, panthers, tigers, lions, leopards) and the monkeys…I love monkeys!

I also grabbed this meme from Frigga right around the same time...I wasn't tagged for it, but I tagged, might as wel throw it in here. It's the MeMe of Firsts and Lasts:

First real job: By real, I’ll assume that means babysitting doesn’t count, so we’ll go with the first job where I paid taxes and that would be every American teenager’s dream job (insert sarcastic eye roll here) McD’s.

First screen name: As if I could remember that? It was something on Compuserve, I know that…remember compuserve? Am I dating myself here?

First funeral: For the father of a friend of mine, who died from Lou Gherrig’s disease…I was 17 or so…it was horrible

First pet: Nice, the cat. Her name was the ultimate misnomer, she was NOT nice, but she was beautiful, and became the mother to the nicest, sweetest most awesome cat I’ve ever had, Pom-Pom

First piercing: and only – ears; oh wait, I’m lying, I got a second hole in each ear at one point, but they got infected and I let them close up

First tattoo: could be happening very very soon…stay tuned

First credit card: probably one of the many I signed up for on spring break in Daytona so I could get free stuff

First kiss: YUCK…read this post where I told you all about it.

First enemy: Stacy Greekopolous (not her real last name). She was evil, and jealous and made 8th grade miserable for me…but I got sweet revenge without even doing anything..maybe I’ll tell you about her someday.

Last car ride: home from work today, in the pouring rain...what fun!

Last kiss: OH, we don’t want to relive that fiasco, can we talk about the one before that instead?

And that's that...Happy Friday everyone. Hop on over to Cafe Karina for the latest "So You Think You Can Dance" recap, and Creative Karina for my latest entry into Pensieve's Poetic License (where she created a whole new poetic form JUST FOR US). Tomorrow stop by for Photo Hunter, and next week I'll have my next installment in my tales of "All The Boys I've Loved".


Pamela said...

cut and paste, dearie~

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Julia Phillips Smith said...

I love that ABC meme. It will probably show up over at A Piece of My Mind eventually. I love your recurring theme of not being able to choose just one favorite.