Wednesday, August 06, 2008

A Tale of Two Squirrels

Minding my own business the other morning, getting ready for work when my little friend dropped by for a visit.

Well, hello there Mr. Squirrel, how are you this morning?

Well, I'm glad to see you too!
No, I haven't seen your wife, I'm sorry to say.

She was around here somewhere? No, I haven't let her in...did you check behind the chair?
Not there? Oh wait, is that her?
Mrs. Squirrel, how nice of you to drop by as well.

And off they went on their merry way, while I went back to getting ready for work...


Rebecca said...

Very cool - I love the dialog!! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow that could be me and my hubby :o)

Julia Phillips Smith said...


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