Friday, May 15, 2009

Only The Good Friday - Oh Goody!

It is Friday once again, which means it's time for Only The Good Friday. I've had yet another really good week, busy, fun, and a little crazy.

So crazy in fact, that I fell off the wagon with NaBloPoMo and haven't postedin two days. OOPS.

I thought about cheating for a moment and popping a few posts in here for Wednesday and Thursday, but then I realized that there was no need for me to do that.

Because nobody is forcing me to post every day. Noone is going to grade me on how I do either. I joined NaBloPoMo this month for myself. To motivate myself to post more often, and to pay more attention to my blog.

And I believe I have been doing that, so just because I missed two days doesn't mean I failed. It doesn't mean I should stop now, and it doesn't mean I need to go back and post some "filler" just to have content up the last two days.

SO, I'm not going to. I'm going to leave the last two days blank, and move on with today's post.

And that, my friends, is my good for today. Because I feel good about the fact that I have been posting more regularly, and that I don't feel obligated to post every day.

The GOOD today is that I have spent a fantastic week surrounded by friends, and by coworkers. And in the midst of all that, coworkers who are, after a year of being at my job, becoming friends.

That's been a really cool thing.

The good is that I went running again the other night, and unlike last week, when I suffered serious pain after my run, this time, I must have done it right, because I felt no pain the next day. I paced myself, mixing walking with running, and although still a work-out, I wasn't hurting the next day.

The good is also that I am excited about becoming a "runner". It's so ridiculously strange to hear myself say that, but I like it.

The good is that I am half-way to my fundraising goal for the Walk for Cancer Care I am doing on Sunday morning. If you'd like to help me reach my goal, you can do so by clicking here.

And oh, here's one more goody...I signed up for a digital photography class which begins next week.

Over the last year I have become more and more interested in photography, and I am so excited to learn more. It's just an introduction class, but I'm looking foward to it.

And on that note, I leave you with two more photographs I took while on my cruise:

Happy Friday, don't forget to go visit Shelly and see what GOOD she's got up her sleeve.


Thorne said...

Good news all! I'll be thinking of you walking while I'm eating cake n ice cream on my birthday Hehe!

Insightful Nana said...

Good Luck on your Cancer Walk... what a great thing to do.

I love photography too. My daughter is a pro. photographer and she give me a few tips here and there. I wish I had more time to pursue it.

You photos are nice you took on your cruse. How fun!