Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tipsy on Tuesday

So, I started a new segment here at Candid Karina last week, and from now on, every Tuesday will be Tipsy Tuesday, or the day I give you helpful tips to make your life more fun and interesting.

Every Tuesday but this one, that is. Because Tipsy Tuesday took on a whole new meaning tonight.

See...I had a very long day at work today. It started early on with a pre-work (but work related) breakfast event, and ended not too long ago with a post-work (but work related) dinner event. A very long day, and a very busy day not giving me any time to pop in here and blog.

And to make matters more interesting, the dinner function included drinks on the company credit card (shhh, don't tell). I had a little tiny, itty bitty bit of wine. Just a weeeeeee little bit.

By the time I made it home, changed out of my work clothes, took my contacts out of my eyes, and sat down on my couch?

Too tipsy (and overtired) to give you any tips. I hope you understand.

I promise really good tips next Tuesday!


Julia Phillips Smith said...


(and the security 'word' that popped up before I post this comment is 'farce'!)

Julia Phillips Smith said...

I'm having an art show over at my place - drop in if you get a minute.