Monday, July 12, 2010

Popinjay - Sharp

This week, my friend Michelle is back to hosting PopinJay. Well, she will be as soon as she can figure out what to photograph for HER prompt of "sharp".

I'm not picking on her for having a hard time coming up with an idea for the prompt, because I too struggled with it.

That is, until I got home and found my cats playing with this on my living room floor:

What is this you ask? Well, it's a shard of glass...see:

What does this shard of glass belong too? Well, that's the mystery of the day, because I? Have no idea.

Perhaps you should ask my cats Drama and Turtle, but they're not telling me. I've scoured my condo, and can't find any other glass anywhere...I also can't find anything "missing" a piece of glass...

Just this:
Let's just say I'm grateful the cats didn't hurt themselves when they dug this out, who knows where? Or, that I, in my habit of walking around my house barefoot, didn't step on it. Because it's a pretty sharp piece of glass.


Michele Lee said...

Whew, yes! thank goodness no one got hurt!

~michelle pendergrass said...

No kidding! That could've been a disaster!! I hope you find whatever it is that they broke!! (I'm guessing they broke it!)

And hey--I found broken glass for my photo, too. :)

Annie said...

My little girl kitty - Chloe - persistently finds a tiny little plastic butterfly net that belongs in the toy box and walks through the house with it in her mouth Meowing over her hunting prowess.

Boo, the male cat, runs along behind her as though it's something truly valuable this time.... (she laughs at him - I just know it)

Since you have no female, it's obvious that you're going to have to question the boys separately. I'm doubting they will talk, though. The boys just don't have the attention span to remember what they did before their last nap, nor do they have the resentment toward their "bro" that they develop when living with a girl kitty.