Wednesday, December 22, 2010

If I Was Married To Beyonce - A Christmas Gift Wish List

My Christmas gift wish list this year was pretty simple really. I asked for items I’ve wanted for a while, but won’t buy for myself because they aren’t really “necessities” so much as “luxuries” or…fun things that I don’t really need, but want. I also asked for winter running gear, some dvds and cds, and those typical types of gifts.

In truth, I love giving gifts a whole lot more than I love getting gifts (no, seriously, I really do), and when it comes to receiving gifts, what I love the most is when I realize the thought behind the gift. Yes, I’m one of those people who firmly believe it IS the thought that counts.

BUT…that being said…I too have a fantasy wish list. You know the one…the one we all have, if money were no object…the one that is so ridiculous we can’t help but laugh at ourselves, knowing full well that even if money were no object, we still wouldn’t spend the insane amounts of money required to own those fantasy items, because…well…it just seems wrong. Yep, that one.

The list we would hand Beyonce if we were married to her. Because earlier this month, for Jay Z’s birthday? Beyonce bought him this:World's fastest: The supercar can go from zero to 60 in 2.5 seconds

And what that is is the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport, a sports car that cost about $2 million. Yeah...

Right…so…here’s my list Beyonce:

1. Barbie Foosball Table –Because come on! How fun is that?? Who doesn’t want a Barbie foosball table in their living room?

2. Celtics Season Tickets – It may not seem like the biggest of luxuries, but I CAN’T AFFORD THEM…and I want them. I want to go to all the games. And, if you really love me Beyonce…you’ll get me the seat right next to Donnie Wahlberg’s Season tickets seat…

I’m just sayin’…

3. A pair of Christian Laboutin’s

and a pair of Manolo Blanick’s.

Because, let’s be honest, I’m NEVER going to spend that much money on a pair of shoes. EVER. It’s just not going to happen. Even if I could afford them, I would never be able to talk myself into believing that one pair of shoes is worth more than one month’s mortgage payment. However, I would like to won a pair of each of these, because I? Am a shoe girl. And a shoe girl needs to have a pair of each of these designer shoes in her collection…because well…just because.

4. One of these:

Because, if I'm going to have designer shoes, they should have somewhere special to go, right?

5. A digital SLR camera. This would be a nice one:

Canon Digital Rebel XSI 12MP Digital SLR Camera

This is on my list of things I must buy for myself some day...but you know...if Beyonsanta wanted to get it for me instead, I wouldn't argue...

6. A Mediterranean Cruise. 'Nuff said, right?

7. An African Safari - yes, there's a travel theme forming here...but I figure, once I have the digital camera, I should go some beautiful places to take pictures, right?

and finally...

One of these:

Oh, what? Like you didn't see that coming? IT IS a fantasy wish list, after all. ;-)

What's on your fantasy wish list this year?

All joking aside, all I really want for Christmas this year is what I want every spend time with my family, and be surrounded by love and joy.

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

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