Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thirteen Reasons I haven't blogged this week

1. I have four HUGE deadlines at work due tomorrow, 2 of which I found out about on Tuesday.
2. One of those deadlines involved entering 400 addresses into a computer program, printing out 400 certified mailing labels, 400 envelopes, 400 copies of a notice, and stuffing, and sealing, and postaging, and prepping all 400 of those envelopes.
3. Two of the other deadlines involved about 60 mailings of their own, all which had to be prepped as above.
4. My boss has had no time to answer any of my questions, so I've spent my days chasing my own tail trying to figure out how to complete these filings on my own.
5. I have had every annoying, obnoxious or just down right idiotic client and/or "interested party" decide this would be the perfect week to call me and bug me with stupid questions.
6. I took yesterday off work for a much needed and MUCH EARNED mental health day (pre-planned before 2 of the deadlines were dropped on my lap).
7. Instead of spending my day off at the computer catching up on personal stuff, I decided to go for lunch with my mom and then to the beach.
8. Television has actually been really good lately, with lots of new episodes, so I find myself watching tv instead of playing on the computer at night.
9. In keeping with my new diet and work-out plan, I've been going for walks every night after work, which cuts into my usual "personal" computer time.
10. Also in keeping with the above mentioned plan, I've been cooking healthy stuff, and pre-planning meals, etc. which takes longer than eating easy unhealthy crap, therefore, less computer time.
11. I'm working on mom's mother's day project, which I can't elaborate on yet, but that is taking up QUITE a bit of my time.
12. I'm going out of my head with this insane list of to do's at work that I've pushed aside in order to work on my 4 deadlines, and can't spare a moment to think outside the box.
13. I'm freakin' busy...but I'd rather be blogging.

Please don't let this keep you from checking back, things should slow down next week and then I can be my witty self and blog again.

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impwork said...

I was working on a patented device to deal with #5 but then someone told me flame throwers can't legally be used to solve it so back to the drawing board ;-)

Good luck with the deadline.

Anonymous said...

400?!?! My goodness! Yeah, I can see why you haven't had time to blog! I hope you enjoyed your day at the beach. I can't wait to go! Have a wonderful weekend!

Literary Feline said...

You have been busy! I hope things calm down at work for you. I have a problem employee to deal with tomorrow which I am not looking forward to. A part of me hopes she decides to call in sick while another wants her to come in so we can get it over with (until the next time). I plan to avoid thought of work this coming weekend!