Friday, May 25, 2007

Friday Find

I have a half day at work today...we're actually closing in about an hour. And I'm finding it incredibly hard to focus, before the nice long Memorial Day weekend begins. So, I'm bopping around neighboring blogs, and found a fun little game over at a piece of my mind .

Basically, you plug in your name, followed by the word "Needs" and hit "Google Search", and what comes up is a series of funny stuff...

Here's a few, with added commentary, because well...I never can do anything without commentary, now can I?

1. Karina Needs...a friend: Well, okay then. I can always use more friends, so sure, why not?

2. Karina come out and play: This was a funny one, because it was actually "Angry Karina needs to come out and play, AND it is actually from one of my previous entries in this very blog...funny huh?

3. Karina needs...visitors because she is lonely: we see a theme forming here people?

4. Karina needs...folks who are very nurturing and skilled: yep, definite pattern forming here.

5. Karina rely less on sex in her dancing: Whoa...okay...

6. Karina quickly change out of her striptease costume: um...

7. Karina needs no more of an introduction: How nice!

8. Karina needs to keep to the rules: Does this apply to the less sex in the dancing thing?

So, it turns out that there's a dancer named Karina on Dancing with the Stars, which leads to some funny finds...and I guess google things I'm lonely...but hey, at least I need no introduction!

What do you need?


Julia Phillips Smith said...

I loved "Karina rely less on sex in her dancing" and "Karina needs to keep to the rules: Does this apply to the less sex in the dancing thing?"

Very funny! Glad you joined in. Thanks for mentioning my blog, too. I'm glad you found me over at Miss Frou Frou's - I love clicking through and clicking through and seeing where the net will take me.

Miss Frou Frou said...

Great list Karina - I particarly like the less sex in her dancing, lol... isnt sex just horizontal dancing?