Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Bringing Sexy Back

Today's Thursday Thirteen is strictly for the ladies. Well, then again not necessarily. I should say it is strictly for those who can appreciate a sexy man. Mostly, I was just in the mood for some eye candy, so here is a list of 13 men in music I think are among the sexiest in Hollywood. (Stay tuned in future weeks for men of television and men of movies, because hey, why not?) In no particular order:

1. Justin Timberlake. I'm not really sure when it happened that Justin went from being a cute N'Sync-er to the guy who was bringing sexy back, but yeah, he's got that something. I watched his concert on HBO this past weekend and had to admit that yes, he's definitely gotten sexier.

2. L. L. Cool J. - 'Nuff Said.

3. Jon Bon Jovi - He's someone I just think has gotten better with age (and short hair)...lately he just looks delicious.

4. Tyrese Gibson - the man is just hot...that's it, no other reason.

5. Enrique Iglesias - who I think has the sexiest eyes on this planet.

6. Lenny Kravitz - really, I'm speecheless with most of these, which is highly unusual, as you know if you read me regularly...

7. Nick Lachey - I know all the drama with the whole Jessica Simpson thing, and the reality show thing and whatever is annoying...but he's still hot.

8. Akon - This one is more of a personal thing, because he looks a whole lot like my ex Cognac (maybe I'll tell you all about him one day), so I can't help but find him sexy. Although, I will say, Cognac managed to be even hotter.
Yeah...way hotter...

9. DMX - yes, I know he's a bad boy, and yes I know he's quite possibly insane. And I don't even really listen to his music anymore (although I still think he's talented), but he's sexy, and his voice is sexy in a "scary as hell" sort of way.

10. 2pac - Had to make mention of him because to me he was the ultimate "tough guy on the outside, lost child on the inside" kind of sexy.

11. Jason Wade from Lifehouse - now here's someone I hadn't even realized was good looking even after looking at pictures of him. He's a good looking guy, don't get me wrong, but he's totally not my type, and he's sort of young, but...watching him perform live, with the AMAZING voice he has, and hearing him talk about his wife, and the song he wrote for her...well, ladies, that just made him sexy as hell. It helps that I like just about every Lifehouse song that exists too.

12. Adam Levine from Maroon 5 -

I think I mentioned once before that I'm finding Adam here to be incredibly sexy of late. I'm not really sure what it is, because I never thought so before, but with this new album he's got something I hadn't seen before. hmm...

13. Mark Mcgrath - to be honest, lately he's not looking all that sexy in his new job as a member of "The Insider" or whatever entertainment news show he's on right now. But back in the days of Sugar Ray, I thought he was adorable.

And there you have it. I'm sure I missed a major one in here somewhere, but I couldn't think of anyone else when I was putting this list together last night. Who do you think I missed? Who are your faves? I know I'm going to get grief for not having any country guys on here, but none top my list, I'm sorry...maybe you can change my mind.

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Lori said...

Oh Lord....I love a good six pack after, anytime really. Yum:)

Happy Mama to Three said...

Gosh how could you narrow it down to 13. I must be showing my age since a few of the ones I would chosen are closer to my age and a bit older. Ah well they are all getting much older and sexier by the day.

Thanks for the eye candy


Melina said...

Nice List, I did one myself a while back. 13 sexiest musicians. We have some of the same ones.

I will be back to see your other lists as well.

My TT for this week is up as well, 13 controversial, banned and/or outrageous music videos.

Tiggerlane said...

You are not alone - I thought Jason Wade was HOT when I saw Lifehouse's first video - of course, as young as he is, that probably makes me weird...

And Mark McGrath - HAWT. And another thing - he is extremely intelligent. Kicked major ass on Celebrity Music Jeopardy or some show like that. No matter what he's doing now - hot.

And JT? He is hot just by having his act together!

Southern Girl said...

I think we have vastly different tastes in men. ;) Fun list though!

Mine is up, too.

Anonymous said...

Hello!! Now this is the kind of TT I'm talkin about LOL Love it!

Rebecca said...

I think we have different tastes... there are some you definitely let out!! I mean, isn't Rob Thomas a must for any male rocker sexy list? How about my sexy Country Cowboys - I don't know what they all look like but based on voice alone I want to bear the children of Josh Turner and Blake Shelton ;-)

Happy TT13 :P

Julia Phillips Smith said...

Jon Bon Jovi just keeps getting better and better. As for additions to your sexy singers lists, I have a strange attraction to 50 Cent. And in the oldies but goodies category, Jim Morrison will forever be an impossible act to follow, both as gorgeous eye candy and for his sexy voice.

MommaBoo said...

Thanks alota Karina! My a/c is broken and now I'm sweating even omore!

But I'm enjoying this sweat!!!!!

Wish "The Hubby" would get his cute fanny home!

p.s. Thanks again, for this. And I'm sure "The Hubby'll" thank you later :)!

Arielle said...

I really really agree with Nick Lachey and Tyrese and most of the others. Nice TT!

Amy said...

I'm really late commenting... but I had to jump in anyways... Your list is quite steamy!

My favorite would have been Mark McGrath. There was a video he did on the beach, standing in the water - I'm sure there was music, but pfft... I just heard angels singing (well.. naughty angels, I suppose). Plus he has that great IRISH tattoo across his shoulders..

Anyways... recently I saw him on tv and he's icky. ICKY!? Yes, icky. Why? Because my sister's son is 18 and over the past 2 years has grown to look like Mark quite a bit.. and that's just kinda gross now. I can't see Mark without seeing my nephew... see.. Icky!