Saturday, September 20, 2008

Extra, Extra Read All About It!!!

I've got news. I've teased the news a bit here and there, but now I'm ready to tell you all about it. Are you ready?

I'm branching out. I'm taking what I started here at Candid Karina on the road. More specifically, I've become a contributing writer at Blissfully Domestic's brand spankin' new faith channel Inspired Bliss.

When I started blogging a few years ago, I did it because I love to write, and I'd discovered this wonderful new method of getting my written word "out there" for the masses to see. (Okay, in reality its not so much "masses" as it is a handful of you, but whatever...let it slide, won't ya?). The idea that I could do my favorite thing in the world, string words together, and try to make a point, and have complete strangers read it, was irresistible to me.

Over the years I've had great fun blogging, getting to know you all, and expanding my circle in the blogosphere.

Here at Candid Karina, I speak, what else, candidly, about the daily grind, the ups, the downs, the fun, the mundane, my history, and my future.

With Creative Karina I grew a little, creating a space where I could share with you my poetry, fiction and other artistic endeavors.

And then, more recently, with Cafe Karina, I gave myself permission to indulge in my love of all things pop culture.

Although recently life has made regular posting a bit more difficult, I still consider all three of these blogs my home, and my babies, and have great plans to nurture them and help them to grow to their full potential.

But I was recently presented with an opportunity to take what I do here, and combine it with my recent renewal of faith, and join a fantastic group of ladies in launching a new venture. How could I pass this up? I couldn't. While here at Candid Karina I'll continue to post about a variety of topics, at Inspired Bliss I'll be digging my heels a little bit deeper into the faith realm. My new "column" "God and the Single Girl" will be a bit of a departure for me from my usual sarcasm and self-deprecating humor. It'll be a little more raw...naked if you will. I'll be a little more free to say things there that I might hold back on over here, because well...I just don't get that serious over here, you know?

So, our official "Launch" is this Monday, September 22nd. Robin (of the wonderful Pensieve) is our editor, and along with a wonderful group of ladies, who I'm just getting to know, we are all super excited to share with you what we've got going on over there. I invite you to please click on the badge in this post, or any of the links throughout, and check out our new digs. Add us to your reader (pretty please) so that you can keep up with us, because there will be lots and lots going on. My first post goes up next Friday. I'll remind you when it does, but I really hope you'll support the rest of the fantastic contributors as well. We are all very nervous (on top of the excitement) as this is a brand new thing for all of us, and can use all the support you can offer.

Blissfully Domestic is a wonderful site with ALL sorts of information and fun stuff for the ladies. Inspired Bliss is just one of the channels over there. You honestly could get lost for hours exploring the whole site (I know I have) and I invite you to do so, because it's well worth it. But, before you get too lost, please be sure to stop by Inspired Bliss first, won't you?

I can't wait to start sharing with you. I do hope you'll visit me (US).


The Rock Chick said...

Oh wow! How awesome!!! Congrats and I will definitely check u out!

qualcosa di bello said...

brava, blog sister!!!! i was nosing about the site & love it!!