Saturday, September 27, 2008

Photo Hunt #31 - View

The Photo Hunter theme this week is View. I could have gone in all different directions with this one, but since my girls and I just went to the New Kids On The Block Reunion Tour concert in Boston last night, and I haven't yet come down off my high from the amazing show they put on, I figured I'd give you all a few shots of our view of the show last night.
The main stage:
At one point in th show the boys moved to a smaller stage in the middle of the audience, so close we could almost reach out and touch them:

If you're interested in hearing more about this show, or seeing more photos, let me know in comments and I'll keep you posted because there is a concert review coming up, and I will share the 200+ photos I'm in the process of uploading right now with anyone who asks.

Also, if you're doing Photo Hunt, that means you love taking photos...I ask you to visit Creative Karina and check out the new meme I'm launching, I'd love for yout to be a part of it with us.

Happy Hunting Y'all!


Anonymous said...

NKOTB are still alive and kickin? wow.. i remember i used to like them a lot cause they are all cutie. hehee=)

Powell River Books said...

It's been a long time since I've been to a live concert. I can feel the energy in your photos. Mine are a little more sedate. I invite you to come see my views of Powell River, BC. -- Margy

Staci A said...

Lucky you! I'm sure the view was great there!

stan said...

haha. they look real diff as adults now.

qualcosa di bello said...

well, they are aging quite nicely!!! 200 photos...the bane of us, isn't it!