Tuesday, October 14, 2008

And the Winner Is...

Better late than never right? Yeah, yeah, I know I promised to announce the winners to my 500th Celebration Post GiveAway sometime last week. But, well, I’ll be honest lovely readers, I just didn’t have the motivation or the energy to post much of anything last week. So, better late than ever, here are the results.

But, before we get to the winners, I want to thank all of you who visited and commented. And I especially want to thank those of you who left constructive input about my blog. The two pieces of advice I seemed to get that repeated themselves were that A)my font is too small and B)my posts are too long. Ah yes…I KNOW! But if you know me in real life, then you know I don’t quite know how to shut up and edit myself, so that’s not really surprising. I’m a story teller by nature, and when I tell a story, I want you to know every last little detail. BUT, since I asked for your input, I am going to take it to heart, and work on shortening SOME of my posts. It won’t happen overnight, and I’m sure it won’t happen with all of them, but, I’ll work on it. The other point, about the font…I actually agree with that, and am working on changing it, but I’m still an HTML newbie, and I can’t seem to change it the “easy” way, so bare with me, I’ll figure it out eventually.

Okay, this is turning into another of those “LONG” posts, so let’s get to the winners already.

As you know, there were two prizes. This one:

For anyone who left a comment telling me how long they’d been blogging. There were 13 comments that qualified for this entry.

I did a very scientific drawing to pick the winner, and I’d share photos, but I did this at work, so no photos were taken (sorry). My scientific method? I listed your names in the order the comments came in and assigned them a number. Then I number 13 little pieces of paper and folded them up nice and tiny, stuck them in a bowl and pulled out a number.

And the winner is: JANA! She just happens to be one of my new Inspired Bliss buddies, and I’m so happy to be able to welcome her to my blog with a prize! Congrats lady!

The second prize, THIS ONE:

Was for anyone who offered some constructive criticism about my blog, or shared what it was that made them come back, what they liked, disliked, etc. I again thank you all for your input. There were 7 comments that qualified for this entry. Again, I put all your little numbers in a bowl and…the winner is JENI!! Yet another of my Inspired Bliss buddies. How about that? You girls took over this thing and RAN with it. Congrats!!

So, what I need from the two of you is your mailing address. You can either email it to me, or DM me on Twitter, and I’ll get your goodies out PRONTO!

Thanks everyone for visiting!


lissa said...

Keep in mind, people can change their font size using their browsers but if you want bigger fonts, go to Layout, then Fonts and Colors - scroll down and there should be options there for changing font sizes, the names should be:
-- Body Font
-- Blog Title Font (which won't affect anything since the header is a graphic and not a text)
-- Blog Description Font (which also doesn't effect anything since your header is a graphic)
-- Post Font
-- Post Title Font
-- Post Date Header Font
-- Sidebar Font
-- Post Footer Font
-- Footer Font

Let me know if these works, if not I can go check out your template to see why.

Karina said...

Lissa, I'm going to email you, but I tried that, and it won't let me change the font at all from that page...so, I think I might need your help on this.

I'll drop you a note. Thanks!

Karla Cook @ Roads to Everywhere said...

What lovely prizes! I love candles!