Friday, October 31, 2008

Only The Good Friday - Let's talk Berries

It's time for ONLY THE GOOD FRIDAY again!!! Visit Shelly for the official rules etc.

This is me being very excited to share some good around the blogosphere!

Today we'll talk about berries of all kinds.

We'll start with Strawberries, the lovely red and juicy berries that were my nighttime snack last night and reminded me how easy it is to eat healthy and thoroughly enjoy a food anyway. Fantastic, right? Next time you're craving something you JUST KNOW is bad for you, try a strawberry instead. OR maybe raspberries, or blackberries? I love those as well.

What are your favorite kinds of berries?

We can also talk about last night's Ugly Betty episode which was titled "Ugly Berry" and was all about these Brazilian "Tico Berries", which Victoria's Secret model Adriana Lima credits with giving her her beauty. Now, don't run out and go searching for these berries, they don't exist, it's just a television show. I think...hey, maybe they do exist, you never know! ;-) Mythical berries that can make you look like a supermodel? I'm in!

Or, we could talk about Halle Berry. Halle Berry and Leonardo DiCaprio and a ton of other celebrities who got together to create this amazing public service announcement about getting out there and VOTING on November 4th. Ladies and gentlemen, the presidential election, the most talked about presidential election in recent history (if not all of history), the one that will break boundaries regardless of which way it goes, is only FOUR DAYS AWAY. You must make your voice heard...go vote.

I really wanted to post the video here, but I'm doing this from work (shhh) and I can't access youtube from work, so go to youtube and search for "Don't Vote 2 - The Sequel" to see the video. Trust me, it's worth it, if for nothing else, to see all those pretty celebrities (and I'm talking about the men, ladies). Or, you can come back here later tonight, and I'll have posted the video once I get home from work and the gym.

Moving on, let's talk about my favorite BERRY of the week. My new Pink Blackberry Curve, which shall from this point forward be known as the PinkBerry! I LOVE me my PinkBerry!

Of course, I got this phone for work, so I won't be using it for ALL my personal stuff, I still have my lovely LG Fusic for that, but, I will be using it for some of my own things as well, and although I've only had it 3 days I'm already madly deeply in love.

Really, how could you NOT love this thing? Look how pretty it is! I love new toys!

And that's it, that's all my good for today folks. Hope you gets lots of berries of all sorts coming your way. Happy Halloween!!!


Anonymous said...

LOL! What a berry good post! I love the segue from one subject to the next. You are a master at it! I can't stop laughing. My favorite berry: blackberries! My Mamaw's blackberry cobbler was heavenly!

I missed Betty last night! Ack! But, I want me some tico berries, too.
I am also GREEN about PinkBerry! You lucky stinker...oh well, I'd never figure out how to use it.
Thanks for sharing all that goodness!

PBNJM said...

DO you know there's a yogurt store out here called Pink Berry??? Just letting you know. Also my boys couldn't live without Blueberries!! They'd go through a box a day, if I could afford it!!

Unknown said...

Love it! I'm sure it will become your bestest friend. :) I have the Blackberry Pearl in red and I love it! The curve was just a little too big for me, but I really like the pink!