Friday, October 24, 2008

Only The Good Friday #2 - My Girls


Know what that means? It means its time to post only good things. I joined
Shelly last week when she decided to spread a "GOOD" virus for a change, in the midst of all the negativity we are constantly bombarded with, and I'm ready to do it again.

So, what good do I have to share with you today? Well, today's post is all about my girls. Or your girls,'s about the girls anyway.

I could do something silly, and tell you that by "girls" I mean breasts, and the fact that a study has come out that if a woman drinks more than 3 cups of coffee a day, her breasts will shrink. See, this may not be a good thing for some women, but for someone like me? GOOD NEWS! I'll tell you what else too...since I've been on Jenny, I've started drinking a whole lot more coffee, and the girls? Yes siree, they are a shrinkin'. And I'm lovin' it. BRING ON THE COFFEE, I say!

But that's not the girls I was thinking of when I started this post.

What girls then, you ask?

I want to talk about girlfriends.

I don’t mean the romantic buying flowers, falling in love, wanting to get married kind of girlfriends.

I mean girl friends.

The women in our lives who make each day just a little bit brighter by being a part of it.

The ones we have fun with, the ones we cry with, the ones we laugh with, the ones we might even fight with now and then.

Our shopping buddies, our travel buddies, our pseudo therapists and motivators.

The shoulders we cry on, the mirrors we use to reflect our own faults off of, the understanding smiles and the forgiving embraces.

The phone calls at 3 in the morning, the late night conversations over martinis, the crack of dawn trips to early bird sales.

The hand holding in a doctor’s office, the slight push toward the man we’re eyeing, the holding back from the punch we wanted to throw.

The perfect meal at the end of a long day, the “let’s go for a walk” when you need it most, the thoughtful email at just the right moment.

The prayers, even when they don’t know what they’re praying for, the inspiration they provide just by being, the lessons they’ve taught you without even trying.

The giggles, the unspoken language, the knowing looks, the mischievous grins.

The history you share, the present you enjoy, the future you’ll experience.

The incriminating photographs, the blackmail stories, the nostalgia, the songs that only you know the alternate words to.

The life lessons, the heartbreaks, the “first times”, the milestones.

The jealousies, the bitterness, the drifting apart.

The cheerleading, the support, the unbridled happiness at each other’s successes.

The ones who’ve come and gone, but left an imprint never to be forgotten.

The ones who’ve always been, will always be, no matter what.

The ones you’ve yet to meet, who’ll make their mark, do their part.

The young, the old, the in between.

The shy, the bold, the beauty queens.

The ones you loved, the ones you liked, the ones you merely tolerated.

The ones you led, those who walked by your side, and those you emulated.

Your sisters, your mothers, your cousins, your soulmates.

Your pen pals, your email buddies, your high school friends.

The ones who lived next door to you, the ones who live across the world.

The ones you’ve known all of your life, the ones you’ve never met face to face.

THOSE girls. Let’s talk about girlfriends. Because without them, there would be no you. There would be no me.

That's my good for this Friday. Want to participate? Head on over to
Shelly's and join in. Or just share here in comments some good thoughts for this Friday!


Rebecca said...

Awesome post!!

RE: Coffee - that's new about the breast shrinkage, but I have heard that it helps prevent cancer, especially for woman :)

Happy Friday!! :)

Dory said...

I love coffee! Say it ain't so!!

Julia Phillips Smith said...

Lovely post about friends, Karina. Really loved it. And I'm glad to count you as one of mine.

Very glad to hear you signed up for NaNo! I'm not doing it officially because I have to work on a current WIP, but I'll be borrowing the pace of NaNo to spur me along.

And I'm tagging you for a very special meme - The Peace Meme. Tag! You're it!

Rebecca said...

Hey chickie! Where've you been? Hope all is well!! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, Karina. I'm sorry for being so far behind! I intended to get in here and comment, but that hotel room connection was pitiful! I absolutely love your post. You are right. The girlfriends and other women in our lives strengthen us and make us who we are! Thanks for participating in Only The Good!

Thorne said...

Wow!!! What an incredible post! You, my dear and wondrous woman blogger, have just set the tone for a friday that I was desperately searching for a bit of good in. Thank you!!!